Utopia (1): The morning in Utopia

Note: You shouldn’t take reality too seriously in this series. Nor it is sci-fi, no – these will be common stories from not so ordinary world. World similar to us – let’s say it’s parallel world or whatever – yet world quite different. Don’t focus on a construction “how he’s got there?” – I really don’t know. Just presume that it was one morning – different from all his mornings before.

Something is wrong. I know it even before I open my eyes. Yet it’s good idea to open them eventually and so I’m doing so. First look surprised me quite a lot – it actually surprised me too much to be shocked or scared or what. I woke up in a room I’ve never seen…

Everything is quiet around here, I’m alone in the bed (in a pyjamas I never saw) and well – I’m more then quite confused. No drinking yesterday, drugs are out of options for sure… what the hell is going on here?! Ok, some action needed. Let’s check the rooms now. Furniture and equipment are all to my liking and this is nice large four room flat with everything I’d need for life. Still I have no idea how I’ve got here. I recognized myself in a mirror (well – except that pyjamas) and I can open the house door – so at least I’m not obligated to stay here. But the problem is that I don’t recognize the outdoor. There is nothing like the town I live in. City in my view is completely strange. Nothing wrong with it – it might be even nice – but I’m not familiar with it at all.

Ok, let’s examine the flat closely – I have to find something about its inhabitants and maybe even some information about where I am. I opened the drawers on the commode in the bedroom and there I found some documents. Bank account statements, insurance, something with health care. Everything was in English which kinda confused me – because it’s not my native language and I’m really far far away from English speaking countries. Or – I was yesterday – at least. There is no surprise then that I can’t recognize bank house names or proper form of those documents. What was obvious on the other hand – they all belong to someone named Gavin Poullan.

I moved to the office desk with computer screen on it – computer is apparently running so I turned the screen on. It wasn’t even locked – eh, I recognized myself in such a stupid behavior. I’m not familiar with the desktop environment and it definitely doesn’t look like Windows/Linux/Mac. Uh, really strange. However – let’s move on. And there it is! Id card on the desk with…

Well, up to this moment it looked just like a bad joke or amnesia or whatever. But I have a bad feeling seeing MY photo on the card with name Gavin Poullan. That was the moment when mobile phone started to ring. No problem that I’ve never seen that model – a little bigger problem that I’ve never heard about “Akarmob” trademark but… display is showing Paulie calling, let’s check it out:

– “Yes?”
– “Hi Gavin,” male voice on the other side. “This is Paul… just wanted to know if you’re all right.”
– “Kinda… thanks… is there anything going on?”
– “Eh, at this work? 🙂 Not really – just you’re not the one with custom to come late, you know.”
– “Late – oh sorry.”
– “Well, no problem, I’m here to wake you up anytime.” Paulie was obviously in a good mood. That wasn’t my case.
– “Well…” I staggered for a while. “Paulie?”
– “Yes?”
– “Actually, I’m not quite in shape right now, but you know… I don’t know…” I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure if Paulie is my mate or boss. Or even both. Not to mention that I’m not really voluble in English.
– “No problem, Gavin. If you need few hours or even a day off – just tell it and I can handle. Nothing is in rush currently, you know it very well.”
– “Well, I’d rather take the day off then if I may.”
– “You may. No problem Gav. I’ll handle it.”
– “Ok, thank you a lot.”
– “Ok, take care.”
That was the moment I’ve got the idea – maybe insane but everything around was already kinda insane, so… I utilized that moment while Paulie waited for my good-bye or what and started.
– “Paulie…?”
– “Yes, Gav?”
– “Can I ask you … well if you don’t have anything today… can we meet somewhere?”
– “Eh, :-)” this made Paulie smile a bit evidently. “Of course if you want. Where?”
– “Ah… right question.” I’m thinking about the best option but there is only one left anyway. “Well, can you actually pick me here? I can’t really decide now.”
– “Oh, Gav!… We have that squad action, I nearly forgot it because I couldn’t imagine that YOU could forget!” Paulie was in a really funny mood – and it looked like I was part or the reason now.
– “Oh, gosh… as I said.”
– “No problem, man. If you have something serious, I can make a stop at your home and I’ll see if I go to the party or not.”
– “Jesus… thank you. I think I can go there – no problem with that. But please, pick me up. I can tell you the reasons then, if it’s not a problem.”
– “No, it isn’t. Nothing is problem… so far. ;-)”
– “Ok, thank you a lot.”
– “You’re welcome.”
– “Ok, see you then.”
– “See you, Gav.”

Well, this was something. Now his voice has sounded very clear so I can expect that mine was clear too. So he must know my voice. So I have Gav’s voice, Gav’s shape and face and the only thing I’m missing now is Gav’s memory. Or better my own flat (well, rented, but who cares now), my pyjamas and situation I can navigate in. However I don’t know how and so I decided to let it flow. And I really should continue in investigation about myself at first.

And so I’m starting right now.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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