Iceweasel, Firefox 2 and the others…

Ok, this will be nothing long – just few semi-angry lines. 😉 I was pretty surprised when I saw Iceweasel first time in the title bar of my updated Firefox. Then I recalled that I heard previously about dispute between Mozilla Foundation and Debian. You can read about it here (Mozilla’s point of view) or on or you can check Iceweasel on all-encompassing Wikipedia. Ok… this is not a problem, right? Fox or Weasel – who cares?

After that I noticed that most important difference for me – close button on every tab. “Why?!” I cried. I remember some browser (was it Galleon or some older Mozilla?) that used the same solution and I never liked it. However – it’s not just the decision made I don’t like. I especially don’t like that it’s change from A to B and I couldn’t find “use A style close button” anywhere in the configuration. Not to mention another “feature” – and that’s Backspace malfunction!

Now I remembered that great fast light weighted Galeon browser again. Because of its story. It was amazing until one special moment. When Galeon was updated for GTK 2 (Galeon 2) it somehow lost all the magic, half of the functions and I stopped to use it completely. No – Firefox (or IceWeasel when I’m in Linux ;-)) is not in this position. I need to say that I never realized how good is to write blogs. Or at least to read them and Google from time to time – but I started to Google my problems just because of this post. 😉

Well, now it’s time for unravelment. I found out that I’m not the only one with Close button problem (I was sure of it after all). And I also found the solution… and yes, it’s blog again. Actually – I also found the solution for my backspace problem (and learned that it actually worked somehow but I never realized because I was still on the top of the page when I used it ;-)).

I promised semi-angry short post… and now it’s kinda happy-end semi-short post.

And so I became happy Firefox user again! (I know – many people made it without need to write a blog post.) I even discovered that Firefox 2 has great Undo Close Tab feature – what gives me good argument for another time when my colegue will try to convince me to switch to the Opera. Great! 🙂


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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