Moving In

This is actually copy of post from Blogspot after I migrated all posts here. Only the title there is “Moving Out”. 🙂

When my wife wanted to create blog with recipes I suggested Blogspot because I liked it and it was Google corporate. I like Google products. But Blogspot is first case when I decided to move out. Continuation of this blog can be found here:

Now – of course – it’s time to explain why. Well, the reason is very silly. 😉 It’s impossible to print properly blog posts from here without some effort. I don’t care about my blog – but recipes are likely to be printed out. In Firefox you get first page nearly empty (only title) and second contains your post – but only what fits there. Anything else is not printed at all. Not to mention that sidebar is standing in the way narrowing print area. IE works a bit better but there are reported problems with it as well.

You can probably solve this with some custom styles, but whatever I tried it didn’t work for me. HTML template consists of various blogger tags and I can’t limit default style to be media=screen only which makes my media=print style to be effectively ignored. This makes a lot of advices (to be found in various Blogspot posts) from 2005 invalid because they worked with more plain HTML template.

Long story short: There is no easy solution to print and I decided not to continue on blog site that works in this status for at least three years now.

I work with many SW products and normally I just address authors and tell them. However Blogger is for free and I can’t expect fix very soon when it’s like this for many years. To contact Google (I mean normal written text) is not that easy because all those forms lead you in circles to various helps – which obviously can’t help me now. And Blogger Google Group? You can find the same problem there – unsolved. I tried different layouts – that’s also why I don’t have my previous style anymore (and I don’t plan to change it back because it’s pointless now).

I’m staying with Google – but I’m leaving Blogspot. I’ll leave this blog here and maybe sometimes I post here just a summary pointing out to my new blog. But I’m blogging elsewhere now. So does my wife with her recipes (Slovak language). 🙂

Final note: Of course here I have to pay $15 per year for custom CSS, but even without that it:
* works in the first place (whole post is printed);
* side bar is printed after the article, so you can just set last page(s) not to be printed.


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Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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