Firefox 3 revisited

Three months ago I expressed some reservations against Firefox 3 that was incorporated (in its beta stage) into Ubuntu. I’ve been using Firefox 3 since then anyway – because my reservations were not that serious – they were rather about principles not just to leave old things and let us choose, bla, bla… Thing is that:

  • If you want your address bar history to look “normal” again, you can achieve it via extension. I don’t care personally – hence I don’t use it.
  • If you want your address bar to behave like the old one I don’t know what to do – but I don’t care either because I got used to the new one.

After some time I found out when it’s good to use address bar. It’s much easier to find something from the history via address bar – just write something from the page title for instance. Many sites use restful page links for their articles hence it often works if the string is in the URL. If the address bar can’t find anything in the history it uses google – just fine. But with “awesome address bar” I’ve already found also pages that I forgot how to get to them. Great!

I don’t want to analyze how exactly it works – I knew it better when I didn’t want this feature. 🙂 Now it just works fine for me, I got used to check what is found in the history before confirming the page load and I don’t have any problem now with the fact that few letters find more than they used to in Firefox 2 and I have to type few more letters if I want exact URL (that is – in case I don’t have it in bookmarks). There is nothing missing from Firefox 2, there was no serious pain involved in adopting the Firefox 3 and I have to say that after some initial anger (little one ;-)) Firefox is completely rehabilitated in my eyes and I’m even happy with its new history search. Howgh… next time it will be Firefox 4 probably. 😉


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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