Google Chrome first impressions

Since the start of this week the Internet is full of articles about Google Chrome. I hesitated to join the crowd but – yeah, here I am. I have the beta, I use it since Tuesday instead of Firefox – and I like it. There is nothing against Firefox – I just like the idea behind Google Chrome since I’ve read the comic book about it. It’s fast – nothing like rocket fast, but fast and solid and applications dominated by JavaScript just look fresh and responsive. Currently – considering its beta state – it has some flaws – and yeah, more than Gmail that is in beta for years. 😉 Chrome developers obviously know about some issues. What I dislike most is that I can’t turn off the spell-checker. You might miss other things – more extensions for instance (AdBlock?). Google Chrome is now rather bare and if you go beyond features like Undo Tab you might miss a lot of functionality. Although every tab runs in its own process you can still shutdown the whole thing with simple :% in the address bar which is rather funny.

Anyway – if you are eager to try something fresh, try Google Chrome! I like how small part of the workspace it takes – I don’t even need bookmarks all the time on the screen (Ctrl+B) so it’s close to full-screen browsing with Mozilla. User interface is simplistic, slick, no BIG buttons or HUGE icons – I just love it. Single address bar (omnibar?) works similar to the one in Firefox 3 – although I have to stop hitting tab after few letters because it picks the first site from new-tab’s “most visited” list. Also if you often search for the same string in multiple tabs you have to copy the expression from one Find bar to the other tab, because simply using F3 doesn’t work (yet). I also miss the feature for permanent certificate acceptance – which is handy for private and trusted SSL sites. Finally I’m still waiting for the moment when one of my favorite browsers implements JavaScript modal dialogs (alert, whatever) in a way that I still can close the tab or move to the other. But that’s beyond the scope of this short post.

Long story short: try it – especially if you’re Google positive being. 🙂


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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