Utopia (15): Girl without a vote

– “Now – after all that time – I don’t want to rush things, but if you have a time I’ll be glad if we can sit for some drink or whatever,” it’s out of my mouth suddenly and I’m happy.
– “Well,” Susan is thinking just a second, “actually I have a time. Will we make it in three?”
– “I have no problem to clear the area,” Carin says.
– “Well, Susan, if you don’t mind, I’d be happy to go outside in current… configuration,” I say.
– “No,” Susan smiles, “I have no problem with current… configuration. We’re talking about talk anyway.”
– “Sure!” I agree.
– “At least now,” Susan clarifies, “I’m generally open to suggestions when I know one better.”
This is much better start than I have even hoped for.

We all ordered a beer and sat outside enjoying one of the first warm April days. While waiting for the drink I decided to start:
– “So, I don’t know how well you managed to know each other during those minutes without me, but I know nothing about you except your name now.”
Susan smiles:
– “Sure, I can say just the same. With the sole difference that Caren managed to reveal me that you like me.”
– “Ok… so I work as a programmer, I’m twenty-eight, I live not that far from here – obviously – in a flat, I – again obviously – like to work with computers, I actually work with them since my early teens, here Caren is my colleague and a very good friend too. And yes, I like you, what can I say?”
– “Well… hard to say how useful information it is, but you’ve tried and that counts. ;-)”
– “Yep, hardly can be structured when I’m firing without any real preparation.”
– “Do you have to be always prepared?” Susan smiles… she’s smiling all that time, “no, forget it, I’m just kidding.”
– “That’s my flaw, I always prepare, yet I’m never prepared enough.”
– “Unlucky.”
I can just shrug. Beer arrives and Susan continues:
– “Ok, I’m Susan Baker, twenty-five, I’ve been living my whole live here in Rotherham, last 5 years on my own… obviously not far from here. 🙂 I’ve been working as a civics teacher on a public school since university, so no voting right, obviously, and… what?”
Susan must have noticed how my face reflected the shock caused by “no voting right”. I even turned to Caren for a explanation.
– “What?” Susan is confused. “Have I said something inappropriate?”
– “No, no,” Caren replied. “Probably… no voting right?” she asked me and looked back to Susan, “it’s hard to explain but Gavin is not from here… sort of.”
– “Sort of?” Susan smiles again. “I noticed his accent. Soft of Slavic.”
She really liked to repeat words used by someone else just the moment before.
– “Well…” said I, “respect, it’s really Slavic… Slovak actually.”
– “Oh, you’re from Czechoslovakia?”
– “Originally,” I agreed.
Caren entered the discussion:
– “That vote thing… Gavin, you may probably want to tell Susan about your memory?”
– “Eh… which story?” I asked.
Susan seems to be surprised.
– “The full one probably,” Caren answered.
– “Ok,” I looked at Susan, “the thing with me is…” now it stroke me, “for how long have you been seeing me in the bus?”
– “Maybe three months,” Susan answered.
– “He had not been traveling by bus for some time before,” Caren informed me about previous Gavin.
– “Right,” I nodded, “ok, Susan, I live here a few years already, but the problem with me is that since like three months ago I don’t remember anything about my previous live here. That may explain my surprise about voting rights probably.”
– “It may, although you speak very good and I guess you did not need to learn it again after the memory loss.”
– “No, no…”
– “In that case voting system should be in your memory as well, because people mostly forget some personal things. However, I’m not doubting about your words at all because amnesia can be unfathomable.”
– “If it were amnesia.”

– “Wasn’t it?” Susan seems to be very curious.
– “Maybe, but it’s hard to explain that I remember my whole completely different life in another world, like a parallel universe, or so… You know, I can’t tell if it happened or not, because it’s simply unbelievable, but I know that it was my previous life, I remember it very well, it’s very complete, as vivid as live before three months can be, it would be difficult to obtain it other way except really living it. Yet I suddenly woke up in a completely different bad, flat, everything, just my body is exactly as I remember it, but my name and the whole world around wasn’t. Still isn’t, although I’m now very happy here.”
After a few seconds Caren added – seriously, yet with a smile:
– “It really is no prepared show and I remember both of them and I can swear this one is different.”
Susan shakes her head:
– “Well, that’s really hard to believe but we still can fall back to that amnesia theory, can’t we? I don’t care that much really – I mean when it comes to doubts, I still can get to know you better and decide later. However – the question is what can we do about your blind spot about voting rights.”
I’m not sure if Susan just wants to stick to something solid or if she really is that cool (she is as I am about to find out) but the great thing is that we may discuss something else aside from my “amnesia”.
– “Or may I say discontinuity in your memory?”
I have to smile:
– “Whatever… 🙂 Ok, so what is the voting system here?”


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