Blogging for two years!

Yeah, it’s true! I would probably not celebrate it if I had ended my blogger’s career in a typical way (you guessed it… I meant simply to stop writing). It was actually pretty close to that but I somehow revived my taste to write again. The taste I have since my early years as I always liked to write various short stories. The biggest of them is my Slovak mini-novel called Cesta (The Way or maybe The Journey, doesn’t really matter) and as it is the biggest thing I really pulled off to the end it’s no surprise I decided to revive and revise it as well.

But originally this blog was created because of Utopia. I’d had my utopia in my head for some time before but I simply did not write that time. I generally still write much less than I used to. I used to write songs as well, now it’s more than four years since my last one. Satisfied comfy life might be the creativity killer. But I did other things! I made some maps for UT2004, I started the promising page about UT3 level editing (still has many visits every day mostly thanks to static mesh catalogue) and if there had not been some troubles with UT3 and/or my online connectivity problems I would have continued in these areas. And I still may in the future as the desire to do some map returns to me here and there.

But back to the blog itself. I expected Gavin to meet his Susan in just a few installments of the Utopia, but discussions were longer than I expected and I didn’t want to have posts too long. We’re obviously far from any end with Utopia – I don’t have any in my head actually because it’s the Utopia exploration in the first place. 🙂 Cesta is my sure shot – I can release any part anytime if I find just a little time to reread and correct it. But aside from these things I knew from the start that I want to write about current things around me as well. It wasn’t any accident that I started to write about Google, now I use Google Docs to write and “backup” my posts, I originally started on Blogspot until I found out that there were serious problem with printing from that page and that these problems were unsolved for a few years (I don’t care about current situation).

As said in “About me and this Blog” this site is not really topical, but while I agree that it’s nice to have a topical blogs, I think it’s not the problem to do otherwise as well. There are many post aggregators that feed various topical lists with appropriately tagged posts. So Java people have their posts from my site and people interested in music or movies have their too. There are search engines after all. While my post about Seam haven’t attracted any attention, other two Java posts related to some very specific problems with specific products and setups have been read and I’m sure they will be. Doesn’t matter that they are maybe the most off-topic if there is any topic on this blog. 😉

After some initial enthusiasm (13 posts in last 80 days of 2006) I had obvious crisis during the whole year of 2007 (only 7 posts!). Notice the big gap between May and November – ended with Travian Intermezzo – yup, Travian is killing the rest of your life. 🙂 Year 2008 started much better. I have moved here to WordPress, I helped my wife to establish her blog about cooking (in Slovak, but with a lot of pictures :-P), I started to write about games and other stuff (music, movies, although I have to extend this part ;-)) and I started to be active blogger again!

After those two years I’m happy to be here although my blog is more loose than I expected. I don’t care. I have some visitors (although my wife’s cooking blog is beating me even without using world language!), I have something to look back to – and I believe I have also a lot of to look forward to. And I want to thank you for bearing with me. 🙂


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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