Caught in the Perfect World

I wanted to write about typical game flaws, I wanted to write about Facebook… and god knows what else as well. But I’ve found free MMORPG called Perfect World International instead just a two days ago and that crossed my plans. I’ve tried one free MMORPG before but it was low quality actually. Perfect World exists for some time, but while it started in China in 2005, three years must have passed till the English version was released. It was actually in this September as an open beta. This version of the game is called “Perfect World International” and this is my first post about it. I don’t promise more but I think it’s going to happen. 🙂

First time nearing the city – Etherblade

Perfect World is based on Chinese mythology, it’s sort of cartoonish, but I’d not say it’s a typical Manga style affecting many other games in this genre. I played Lineage 2 for just a few hours and I like this at least as much as L2 and much more than WoW from what I saw on screenshots. L2 seemed to me barer although the characters are roughly as nice. So the graphics is not top-notch maybe but it’s nice – if you like the style, of course. I don’t mind. I can’t say much about gameplay, because I’m not proficient in MMORPG – however I like it. There is some grinding, but there are enough quests and they mostly bring you enough experiences to move you on. And as I said – it’s free, so why not to try it? Of course you can pay and you’ll get better items and other stuff for your money – so it actually affects your experience and makes the difference.

AdriaZirma looking around in Etherblade

You can download the game from – there are also many torrent seeders – so this part is easy. I had little troubles with registration – you need different login name and visible name – that is used mostly on forums only because you create your actual characters later in game on a particular server. I had also little problem that Enter in registration form just reloaded it (or reset, result is the same) so I recommend clicking on the button – maybe Chrome problem, I don’t care. 😉 So I have my personal account and the game is downloaded and extracted. Installation is easy, and so I’m starting the client. Of course it needs some updates which should be quite fast. I had problems with server timeouts but my friends installing right after me did not. Funny thing is that Account button in the initial client window leads to the http version of the registration page – and it does not work. 😉

Level 10 at last – now I can deal with these bi…beasts!

Ok, game is running! Select the server, create your character, customize it till you drop 🙂 and enter the world. There are three races with their starting point, every race has two possible classes. All players can cooperate I guess – as there is common enemy controlled by AI – the wraiths. Start is slow unless you’re skilled with MMORPG – in that case you can probably level up quickly running from quest to quest. There is in-game help and it is quite good I can say. You’ll run a lot in this game – but what fantasy MMORPG is different? I don’t know, honestly. 🙂 But as it’s free to start with (or even play it if you don’t care that you’re a bit weaker) you can check it by yourself! And that I can recommend unless you’re fully occupied by other games like this. In that case it might not be good enough for you. From what I’ve seen however, I dare to say that it’s better than many paid games. Maybe even better than some of those A-class titles. Go for it.


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