Perfect World reloaded

Since my last post to this day my MMORPG experience has quadrupled – rough estimate. And we’re here again to continue with PWI (sort of) review. The main point is – I’m still with the game like many others. I think I meet more and more people, some killing quests are nearly overcrowded and the best thing you can do in such cases is to create ad-hoc short-term parties (squads) with people around. Why? Because killed beast counts to everybody in the squad. Beast is claimed probably by the first player that hit it and so if more squads are working on one beast only the party that hit it first has exps and kill counted in. During your progress you’ll obtain various quests that leads you not only to another kills – but also around the map to different places. Elder (NPC) in your city sends you to cities of other races. Of course – by teleport, not on foot. πŸ™‚

Lovely surrounding of the City of the Plume (Elven one)

During the week I’ve started to visit forums for various information and if you can play the game for a few days you might want to have a map of this world and also the teleportation map. There is no problem to find many useful information, the trouble is that there are more versions of PW – and if you play PWI you should use “Perfect World International” (with quotes too) as the part of your Google search.

The center of the Archosaur city is really impressive!

Starting with level around 12 we helped each other regardless races and it’s much more enjoying and rewarding. After all – that’s what MMORPGs are all about! Beast levels and the story (or quests) leads you around certain paths on the map – you can see it on the second map in this post or on PW wiki with dungeon maps too. There are three distinct routes from level 1 to 20 – one for each race. After that your steps (actually the teleport again) leads you to the Ancient Dragon City – called Archosaur in PWI (don’t know why, doesn’t matter really).

Two sisters medidating before they slay another batch of Venomous Ghouls

In Archosaur you get to the big world – that doesn’t mean that the game changes dramatically. You still mostly slay monsters. Important difference between PWI and L2 is that it’s actually finishing the quest what gives you most of experiences. And you can start your own guild (called Faction here but everybody calls it guild anyway). Funny (and annoying) thing is that PWI seems to have some troubles with spaces and longer texts. Chat message length is limited too much, guild name can be up to 9(!) characters and in guild slogan you can’t use spaces (invalid character error message)! It all makes me think “this might have worked only with Chinese signs!” Also guild member level displayed in the guild screen is not up to date (sometimes significantly). These are not serious mistakes, but still stupid ones.

You can swim under water without limits – that’s not real but who cares? πŸ™‚

Bug that troubled many more players is best known as Level 19 Spiritual Cultivation issue – I hit that too but somehow I overcame it with luck. It seems that you have to free at least 8 slots in your inventory to get it. Shit happens and my friends nearly stopped playing the game. Luckily (for me) we all play on. πŸ™‚ After this we entered into our first instanced dungeon. Don’t underestimate beasts in dungeons – because their level may be low but the truth is that they are much much harder. We got killed many times. πŸ˜‰

MiraZirma with the pumpkin head. I haven’t noticed any effect, it’s just some Helloween item. I sold it.

I should return to some technical aspects of the game. When I’ve found out that I can’t redefine my keys (I hate WASD, I’m ESDF kind of guy) I thought I’ll have serious problems playing the game. But this is not first person shooter and I adapted quite quickly. If there is some way to redefine keys in the future, I’ll surely do it, but I can use current fixed layout with no problem. There are some chances I guess, game is regularly updated and there is even some expansion prepared for this December. If you played other MMORPG, you’ll find many things familiar, but other things completely off probably.

No, it’s not my pet, it’s our future victim.

Other things that could be better – minimap is too small. It’s actually rather miniminimap. It has two zoom levels, but it’s still too small and low detailed. Hovering over yellow dot (NPC) the name is shown – this is cool. Also quest givers are orange or even magenta (important quests) so you can see them easily if you’re close enough for them to appear on your minimap. I also dislike that when I’m in map Escape key doesn’t close it – you have to close it with your mouse or by pressing M key again – and – that’s even worse – Escape actually stops your character if you’re just running somewhere. [Update: Fixed right the same day in version 28! :-)]

Swimming near the Archosaur harbor.

It seems that I’m talking more about problems – and I have not mentioned here and there laggy server, their general overcrowdness (it’s for free, no wonder), delay between beast/character lock and first action you can do. For instance healing someone right after you’ve clicked on the character might cast the spell on yourself, also fast switching between mobs is tricky and spell is often sent to the previous one. But I like the way how you progress through the PWI world, I generally like skills, items, look&feel of the game, heck I even like the repetitive music (not my style really, but it’s not that bad good in game). That means that I’m still in. If you are too you might find this quest guide useful – I use it here and there just to be sure I haven’t missed anything. Next time I plan to write more about paying for this game (dollars, Zen, Gold) – or maybe about something else. We’ll see.


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