EA Store? I rather don’t want Mass Effect

So I was thinking about Mass Effect. To buy or not to buy? It’s not available on Steam. Why on Steam you ask? I may elaborate on it later, for now – it’s generally cheaper for new game than retail in Slovakia – plus games are in English. It’s stupid you normally can’t buy game in English when it’s translated for our country. It’s stupid that the translation is generally destructive and I can’t select language. Only few games has this option and I don’t wanna risk it. Hence the Steam.

Mass Effect is delivered through EA Store. Not only, but I chose this one first. Ok, price is… well, it’s A-class title, what do I want, right? But why is that additional price item there? You can buy the game but you also can buy some EDS upgrade. Ok, Steam is definitely easier from what I remember, however I decided to read what that EDS is. Quote:

“Think of this as your digital safety net for those unexpected occurrences – like your hard drive frying or a virus infection. EDS means that with the purchase of your digital product, we’ll keep a copy of your file for two full years, so you don’t have to. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that we have your program stored and ready for you to download again at your convenience.
A little extra protection on your order to keep your products safe? Why not!”

I tell you why not… it is utterly limited and it costs you something to be limited little less, that’s why! I can download Steam game anytime in the future – considering the service is still up. 🙂 I couldn’t believe my own eyes first. But it’s true – Wikipedia article about EA Store mentions the controversy and you can check what people think about it here and here. I’ll think twice when I see EA on anything. I’ll probably not buy Sims 3 to my wife either. And I rather finish the post before I’ll start swearing.

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