Razer DeathAdder – the right(-hand) mouse

Despite various issues with Razer Diamondback I was quite attached to it – and so when the time had come and left button stopped working I decided to buy another Razer again. Buttons on Razers are probably the biggest problem for any owner – but what do you expect when you use the button so much? Yeah, the mouse is supposed to be (for) pro so it should work even in difficult conditions (probably RTS and FPS games are the most demanding). My Razer worked for more than three years which is good considering that some gamers reported malfunction after a year or so.

So here I am decided to buy a new mouse – Razer, I simply like the brand. After some research I decided to go for DeathAdder and so to try their right-handed design. Most of their mice are symmetrical. When the thing arrived I was pleased by the box, design, etc. – you know the stuff. It’s not business or low-cost mouse – so it should be stylish too – starting with the packaging. Honestly – I don’t care that much, I even think how much of the price goes on the box. 🙂 Never mind. Not the box is important – here is the beauty glowing with its blue:

Glowing beauty.

Both the wheel and logo are blue – in real there is no violet tone you can see on the picture – and both are equally blue – here the wheel is overexposed. Not to forget – Razer logo “breaths” – it reminded me Apple logo on their notebooks. On my previous Diamondback I had some troubles with side buttons on the right because I sometimes hit them accidentally. I even disabled them for good with paper inserted to the switches, because there was no easy way how to disable them in Linux. 🙂 DeathAdder doesn’t have these and I like it. My pinkie is no good in button-pressing anyway. 😉 Another nice change against Diamondback is those seamless buttons. They not only look better but there are also less crevices where dirt/sweat goes into.

I’ve failed to take a shot showing that this mouse is right-hand only, however, here you can see nice and big side buttons. And yeah, I touched it already. Sorry. 😉

Many players choose different mouse of different brand because Razers are small for their hands. Maybe Razer focuses on subtle players with delicate hands, I don’t know. My hand is not small, but I like Razer. It is still bigger than a typical business/office mouse. What I don’t like are those side buttons in a row. I’d prefer one above the other. But if you have OK thumb (maybe mine is short, who knows ;-)) you may like that there is no need to move it. You can easily press the button closer to the cable even if you have only the tip of your thumb on it – these buttons are definitely much much better than on Diamondback.

My thumb can hardly reach the button#4.

After a day or two I’ve found a grip where I can control both buttons, but I feel out of axis with that grip. Maybe it’s only the matter of adaptation, I’ll see when I play Unreal Tournament again. It really doesn’t matter for a game like Perfect World. 🙂 Performance? It has 1000Hz ultra-polling which means latencies ~1ms and 1800 dpi sensor – that should suffice 99.9% of pro-gamers I think. Sensor is infrared so it’s not lit like on the Diamondback. I can’t tell more about the performance, but it’s Razer which means it’s good unless you have a broken piece. Grip? You should try it first if you have a friend with this model. Or adapt.

Software? Well… driver does what it should, you can adjust sensitivity in both axes separately but i wasn’t really convinced by that “switch-profile” button on the bottom of the mouse. It should cycle through five profiles – this is managed by the driver because the mouse itself has no memory for profiles. DeathAdder should blink after switching a profile and blink count should indicate the selected profile. I pressed the button – it blinked twice, than thrice, than no response, than strange blink, than five… I don’t know. It can blink, it can indicate any profile, but it’s somehow unreliable. I tried to be slow on my lovely mouse – still not every press counted. I don’t like profiles anyway – especially because I would prefer like two or three of them, but I can’t short-circuit the cycle. It always goes through all five profiles. Good that this is not important for me. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, it works, but the indication is strange which means you may not be sure about the profile. I’d rather select it via driver software. Is there anyone who wants to change it in-game? Who can afford to turn the mouse upside-down and press the button? And not get killed? 😉

To sum it up: I like it, I like blue more than red (that is the reason, isn’t it?!), I don’t care that right-hand design or it suits me – I can’t tell, I like side buttons (despite my short thumb) and general design too. I’m not convinced by profile indication after using switch button on the bottom. And it’s now cheaper than Diamondback was three years ago. That I call progress. Like it and buy it. Or not – choice is yours. I like Razer, I like their philosophy (for gamers – by gamers), I like their mice.


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