PWI – still online

A lot of things happen since my last PWI post. I found more and more things I hate about the game, however – and that’s the most important thing – I still play it. Thanks to my other friends that bear with me and the game too. If I had to play the game alone I’d probably quit already. I still work on some longer post so I’ll just use some of the screenshots I made since the last post now and I hope you’ll stay tuned until I’ll be able to finish my “blog quest” and post something reasonable again. 🙂

 This is our first FB19 with two additional squad members – meditation before the final boss fight. We won. Thanks to lvl33 blademaster mostly.

FB19 was our first major instantiated dungeon. You form your squad, enter the dungeon and there is no-one else – just your squad and a lot of mobs that are much stronger than you would expect based on their level. Much more hitpoints, much bigger attack/damage – pure hell if you ask me. 😉 I died few times in dungeons like these. What FB means you ask? I don’t know, honestly, it’s some kind of Chinese acronym reportedly, but I might be wrong. Above level 30 FB19 dungeons were sort of routine for us. Of course, ImperialCat – our favourite cleric – was indispensable during these rides.

One quest leads you to the Tradewind Village – although it’s officially higher level area. Nice view from the bridge though.

From a picture above maybe you can – maybe you can’t – see what I like on this game. It’s the graphics – despite a few flaws (repetitive “carpet like” texture usage, spiky and unsmoothed terrain or bare land here and there) the countryside is nice. Every time I get lost in an undiscovered part of the map I find something new, something fresh and something that let me stay with the game and expect new experiences with all the levels to come. Recently I’ve flown above Rook’s Valley and this is what I’ve come across.

 Something strange is floating above the Rook’s Valley.

I was there, it impressed me, it looks so ancient and I’m looking forward to get there with an appropriate level. However – from level 20 to 40 you’ll be stuck more or less around Archosaur – and you’ll return back there even with higher levels regularly. That’s why especially the west gate is extremely overcrowded. This screenshot doesn’t make justice to the situation because there are many more players (and player shops – these are those cats you can see :-)) undisplayed beyond the cull distance.

 Overcrowded West gate of Archosaur – and it’s far worse during the “commute” hours.

Last picture is our typical girl squad configuration (before MiraZirma quit regular playing because of a baby – in real life of course ;-)) with me being level 29. That is after our very successful FB19 ride, when the killed boss was so kind and dropped a so called “mold” for us. While you can craft many interesting things in PWI there are some special items that can be crafted only with a specific mold involved in the process. Our weapon crafter Mira crafted this Mirage Sword for me with a mold provided by ImperialCat – great thanks to both girls. :-* I’m still stuck with this sword at level 42, but I’m going to change this really soon. 😉

 Girl squad – and me with my PRECIOUS Mirage Sword!

So – these were very brief news from the PWI game. Next time – with better luck – I’ll write more about what I dislike about this game. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find me online because it’s still free-to-play (F2P) although I’ve already spent some money there. Anyway – stay tuned and I’ll get back with more technical post next time! (I hope. ;-))


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