Picasa 3 with stupid Other Stuff

I’m angry. This time about Google again (last time it was missing side bar in Google Docs – still missing BTW, no drag&drop to move the document to some directory anymore). Picasa offered me an update and I agreed – why not to update? Well – after I started my brand new updated Picasa 3 I’ve found out that I miss some directories in the Folder list. Well – it’s so called collection with the name Folders. Incredible. There is another collection called Other Stuff. Any directory I uploaded some picture from was put here. 95 victims in my case. First problem was to find them, second to get rid of the Other Stuff collection. You can’t – because it’s a “default collection and cannot be removed”. When something is impossible it’s not a problem anymore – it’s simply the fact. Very stupid fact in this case. I thought I can select first directory, shift-select last and move them all to Folders. No way – you can’t select more directories. Imagine you have 1000 directories there. Imagine that you have to browse your photos from yesterday there and photos from today and the day before yesterday in the Folders collection. That’s the power of Picasa 3. No questions during update – bang!

Who’s stupid idea was this? I don’t know. I don’t care “default collections” – but please, don’t get in my way. Google was many times about surprises, but they were mostly nice surprises. “Yeah, how could I live without this idea before?” That sort of surprises. This is not the same kind. I’m sad.

Few minutes after my last sentence I switched Picasa from “flat folder view” to “tree view” which doesn’t divide my directories into Folders and Other Stuff. I’ll use that as it also better reflects disk placement. Still doesn’t change anything on my view of this “default collection”.

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3 Responses to Picasa 3 with stupid Other Stuff

  1. mega says:

    Got the same problem, and I actually have around 1000 folders that was suddenly moved to the so called other stuff collection. my workaround so far was to rename the picasaupdate.exe file to make sure that picasa2 does not suddenly update which it does even if you select “not now”. I can’t believe that they changed the way the program works in such a radical way. those 1000 folders are subfolders with videos located in most of my photo folders which are named by dates. Most of my family and friends have the same problem since we use the same structure and I have had to help them with the workaround as well. using the treeview could also be done in picasa2 but is not an option for us since the layout is quite different. I am simply speechless about this issue, I also contacted google about this before picasa3 went from beta to gold, and they actually responded and asked me to send example files of the misplaced stuff. Can’t believe they didn’t fix it. They call the “other stuff” feature a filter of internet banner files and other non standard sized content, but all my videos are perfectly shaped video files 640*480 from our canon ixus cameras.


  2. Halfdan says:

    Don’t be angry… Right click – Move to Collection – Folders….

    • virgo47 says:

      If you have TONS of directories there it’s still about being angry 😉 I don’t know how to select them all if it’s possible because Ctrl+A or shift select don’t work. There are more issues with Picasa 3. Character ý is not supported – it worked fine in Picasa 2 (reportedly not originally, but it was fixed), it changes to a bullet or what nowadays. Picasa 3 introduced many strange features that are rather obstacles and many of them duplicates the way how to get to your pictures. I don’t like to see Albums online in my Picasa (they are not in sync completely anyway), there is no way how to disable that. For ppl who prefer to work with files and directories it’s really awkward.

      What I like on Picasa 3 is its image viewer, but that’s another story. 🙂

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