I don’t understand Google Help

This is the problem I have for a long time. In normal software (I don’t wanna say that Google is bad, just…) I use some bugzilla or Jira (I love products using Jira!). I can watch how my issue progresses – or is ignored for that matter. 😉 Google is different. Sometimes it’s good – and that’s also the reason why I like their products. But I don’t understand their help. And this lasts for more than two years now. I wanted to report something in Gmail… I didn’t find how. Sometimes I was lucky and hit the form where I might write what I wanted – great idea for example. But that’s all. There are dozillions users of various Google services and I understand they can’t answer all. Even when I think some of my ideas were great. Not like revolutionary great, but normal great… like “All mails” without Chats in Gmail because look how it looks if you save talks and talk often. That was just for example.

Today I edited caption of one photo directly on Picasa web. I used quote signs in it. Normally if you do this in desktop Picasa it is changed to different quotes when the photo is uploaded. Not here. It looks fine after you enter it – it even looks fine when you go to different photo and back. But after reload ugly HTML entities appear (“). So I wanted to check out if someone else has the same problem (I bet someone does). I’ve googled for “picasa caption quote problem” and I’ve found something from summer of 2006. Ok, either it’s the same manifestation of a different bug or… doesn’t matter, I decided to file the problem. And so I clicked on “Help” in the upper right corner. It brought me here. Tell me what to do here when I have the problem? I decided to check if there were other unlucky users with the same problem – Known issues brought me here. Ok, nothing with captions in Web Albums section. I resorted to the sentence down there: If you’ve found a problem that’s not listed on this page, let us know. Link brought me here.

This time I was lucky on the forums searching for “captions” – on the second page I’ve found “quot” substring on the page and here it goes. But what IF I don’t wanna “fast answer” and I want to report bug? Other links are very limited to only a few topics in various areas and at the end… either go to Forum or to Help Center (where you started :-)). On Forums you can ask. That’s all. It’s not the same like reporting the bug in my eyes.

The whole problem is that I generally become more and more ignorant to various bugs. I haven’t even tried to report the problem with side bar in Google Docs. Was it intention? Was it something revolutionary? I always doubt if it is bug or some great Google idea. And I’m afraid to submerge into their Help Center and cycle there without ever reaching reasonable suggestion/bug form. Maybe they have too much of feedback – I don’t know. But what if they don’t have enough feedback? Even too much can be not enough if I hit more and more glitches in their services. It’s never anything critical (luckily) but I’m afraid it’s inevitable that it will be worse and worse. I hope I’m wrong because I generally like Google services and I’d like to stick with them.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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