Happy New Year with Perfect World International!

You gonna need it. Ok, skip my crap. No criticism today. No hints on bugs, no desperation – but rather some optimistic stuff. 🙂 And more pictures with less text (if I manage not to write so much). Let’s start with Adria killing flying boss sitting on the top of the Stairway to Heaven mountains. It’s around level 30 and it hurt quite a lot doing it alone. I was actually lucky to survive that. There is a lot of these lesser bosses around the map. Some of them are are placed tricky – like level 70 boss in the middle of lvl35 mobs. I accidentally ran at it once and was killed before even knowing what it was. Goldwing is placed much better I have to say.

Bolden Goldwing – it was a tough fight for solo wizard on my level but I survived. Yesterday I repeated it being lvl49 – much easier of course. 🙂

And now little picture of Adria in full red dress. Three parts (two visible) are Rank I equipment – quite good for that level. The rest is bought or crafted by myself.

Lady in Red – around level 35.

When I reached level 30 I could get my flying gear – sword in case of humans. This is the default you can get in game without any problems. It’s a bit faster than walk and can get you directly wherever you want. Some cliffs are hard to jump across. 🙂 And as you can see you can gather materials standing on the flying gear. Or fight – but that is less efficient because you deal less damage when flying. Significantly less damage I mean. Unless you fight flying mobs you should stand on the ground.

You can gather herbs and materials from your flying gear.

But if you’re interested in a better equipment you should buy it for real money! This is bigger flying sword – well we should all agree it looks much more impressive. It’s also faster than the smaller one otherwise I wouldn’t buy it of course. It’s probably not exactly worth those 20 bucks, but I wanted to support the game too.

Have I said something about flying gear on the last picture? THIS is flying gear! Prepare your $20 to get it though. 🙂 Or around 2 million of in-game coins.

What I really appreciate about this game – even if it’s not the core of the game mechanics – is how it looks and what can characters do. You can carry a girl even in a tiger form and when you embrace her (or get embraced) it looks cool. She lays down on your neck and scratches you a bit and you stretches like a pleased beast… lovely! You should also try various actions from action window (E).

Carrying girls in barbarian’s beast form. Embrace is also lovely. These details are one thing I love about PWI – it’s simply beautiful.

Legendary weapons are weapons made in Archosaur (exactly the place on the following picture) from molds. Mold can be dropped by some bosses, mostly in FB dungeons – but they are quite rare. My Mirage Sword is usable since level 22 and it was better than various weapons I got until level like 45. After that I changed weapons quite often dreaming about another legendary weapon – Wheel Of Fate. You can also buy it from other player – price is around 2.7m coins. That’s a lot of grinding, trust me. I’m still not quite there.

MiraZirma has eventually got her legendary sword too. Poor ImperialCat still had to live with quest weapon.

Some mobs are impressive and look scary yet they are not all aggressive (“agro”). This is one of them. It’s around level 19 just across the hill from Etherblade. When you see them first you have respect – but in this case it’s unnecessary because they just poison you and go down quickly. There are small ants around too – they will bite you to death much faster yet it’s easy to underestimate them for their size. Know the enemy, don’t trust your eyes.

“Please, mister, can we take a picture with you in this lovely moon-lit landscape?” And yes, we killed him afterwards. It was part of the quest after all. Killing, not taking a picture I mean.

Ok, now one picture full of relax. Two casters are refilling their mana while meditating and one archer guards them. We were probably also AFK (away from keyboard, just for sure ;-)) but in a wilderness you need someone to watch over you because many players die every minute after some agro-mob catches them during meditation while they are AFK.

Watchful archer guarding two exhausted and fragile ladies. Archer is lady too though.

There are still many places I’ve never seen on the map. You can fly there – considering you pay attention to high-level flying mobs – but it’s useless otherwise. I’ll rather wait when my level leads me there. Or quests. However on higher levels questing is not enough to get you to another level.

ZoeAionix – my full attack cleric build – somehow got lost and found herself in Sanctuary. Very nice part of the map.

Finally and most importantly – we (Adria, Zoe and Argh… not counting my characters on other server than Sanctuary :-)) all wish you Happy New Year and Zoe adds some fireworks. 🙂 Take care and see you around in 2009 with more PWI posts – that’s for sure.

Zoe wishes you all Happy New Year!


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