PWI: Dungeon called FB19

I did not rush into the cave when I got level 19 quests – partially because there were other exciting things to do (around the big city of Archosaur!) and partially because I knew nothing about dungeons. There is “lovely” quest by Little Daisy where you run around the whole map to heal her flying pet or what – and part of this quest is to kill a few wolves near the FB19 cave of Untamed. They were extremely hard to kill – they actually killed us a few times before we understood that these one are really different. 🙂

Killing Poison-Tail Occultist – this time with normal standing-tank.

What the hell is FB19 – you may ask when you hear it the first time. There is a difficult quest to go to a particular dungeon (every race has its own), kill some elite mobs there and finally defeat the boss too. These quests are from “Challenge” quest series and those given on levels 19, 29, 39… are called FB19/29… up to 99 I guess. Dungeons are called just the same – at least by people. At the very start (that means also around the level 20 when you get to this point) most players are confused because there is one more thing to this – so called “tablet”. Do you remember seeing yellow messages on the world chat “helping with FB19, must have tab, pm me”?

Poison-Tail Occultist once more

The first Challenge quest you obtain informs you to kill a number of beasts of two kinds (8+8 or 5+5 depending on your race). These beasts can be found in the dungeon and after you succeed the quest moves on to killing the boss part. That’s one quest where you have to defeat the boss inside the FB19. There is, however, one more quest with the very same objective. But the way to this quest is not that intuitive and in contrast to the Challenge quest you can’t repeat it. In order to get this quest you have to finish the Cultivation quest given on the level 19 and then Elder of your city gives you so called “tablet”. Official name of the item is either “Call to Duty” or “First Battle” – doesn’t really matter, players wanting to help you will always ask if you have “the tablet”.

Entering Untamed FB19 – with level 39 you can do it in two

Having the item still doesn’t mean that you have the quest. There is a pillar inside the FB19 dungeon – actually there are two – one at the very start and one sitting right next to the boss itself. After you “talk to the pillar” you get the quest and your tablet disappears. Now you have 10 hours to finish the quest. I was always so afraid to fail that I did everything to succeed – hence I don’t know what happens when you fail, but I guess that your tablet is lost. I would not rush using this item. But if you have a squad prepared and you are pretty sure you going to kill the boss don’t hesitate to start this quest along with your Challenge quest – of course get to the “kill the boss” part of the quest.

Untamed FB19 – analyzing the next group of mobs

There are various strategies you can use. You can run the big boss around – whoever takes agro simply runs around the cave and others fire. Some else gets agro then and runs too. 😉 It’s chaotic but you can kill the boss without a tank this way. Blademasters are not happy about it – because they just run and can deal the damage, but the trouble is they can hardly hold the agro. So unless you have venomancer with pet or real tank (blademaster with higher level or proper barbarian ;-)) running around is very good strategy. And it definitely involves less dying. Of course you can let blademaster tank too, but than you have to control the agro. First pictures show us killing the human FB19 boss in three – blademaster, wizard and cleric. We all fired, but wizard took her pauses and me was healing in the meantime, so I didn’t attract agro with plume shooting all the time. The point is, there is more than one way and you often don’t have the squad for the “proper” way (like tank, damage dealers who never over-agro, healer(s)). That’s when you have to come up with your own tactics. It’s also good to know that boss never attacks before you. You can kill all his minions – they are agro and social too (go together) but the boss is not. So you can clear the whole final cave before you start to run around with boss running after you. 🙂

Rand Razorjaw with blademaster tanking and me healing

My first FB19 story goes like this: I (AdriaZirma) went to the designated cave with MiraZirma (blademaster) and ImperialCat (cleric) and invited other two players who needed to kill the boss. I’ve got Challenge quest (kill 8 of something and 8 of something else) and I was asked to use my Call to Duty item with the pillar. We had two more blademasters – and especially level 33 was helpful. It was kind of messy because even when I told them that I don’t have all Molten Chrysalises killed they didn’t listen. And I didn’t know that this quest goes on with killing the boss.

Rest before my first FB19 boss got killed. You can see that my Challenge quest (called Discover) is not finished yet. (I already used this pics before, hope you’ll pardon me.)

However – it wasn’t any tragedy really. MiraZirma needed to spend her tablet too eventually and I killed my last Chrysalis and boss too in the end. Since then I killed a bunch of them in various (often very strange) configurations and with various strategies. And I died often too. I don’t like dying, but sometimes when we pushed our limits with a weaker squad we’ve learned much much more than during the smooth run. And pushing your limits brings some dying inevitably. But I don’t regret those experiences at all. It was still fun.

There is still much to be said about FB runs, but I will add some more experiences in another part in which I’ll cover FB29 for the change. As I will probably not return back to FB19, I just want to say that in my eyes Untamed version is the easiest. Ranged mobs in elven/human FBs are much more dangerous (chilpods in human cave and cactopods in elven one) and often fire to long distances which can easily result in deaths of low-HP characters. In worst case of the healer taking the agro of the mob that’s not hit by anyone else and turns after healer. So if you want to do just another FB19 run, go to the Untamed. It’s also closest to the center of the map – and to Archosaur too. Good luck!


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