PWI – your searches 1

There is a cool feature on the WordPress – you can see searches users used to get to your articles. It’s funny that most of them is not answered in my articles – or is it the shame? 🙂 I decided to change it in a very short and quick post. This one. But I also decided to designate it with number 1 because I expect that more unfortunate users hit my blog without finding their answers. So what was it this time?

Q: fb19
Ok, this is obviously elaborated in my previous PWI post.

Newbs like these don’t ask about fb19 or molds. I can tell. 😉

Q: pwi is mold one use?
Yes, AFAIK. Mold is dropped from the monster and you can (if you can – that means if you have your manufacturing skill developed enough) create one thing from it. End of story. Of course you can trade that thing, pass it to different character, whatever.

Q: perfect world international flying mobs
Who knows what this user searched for? 🙂 Maybe for fact that flying mobs are great for grinding? They are. They have reportedly less HP, they often attack with poison which is the best attack (if it’s not Dismal Shade ;-)) – especially for casters like wizard/cleric (venomancer has their own tank/pet at least). And if you turn off your flying you can escape any serious situation in a matter of seconds (don’t fall in the midst of agro mobs on the ground though ;-)).

Q: Can I ride the elk wearing only the bikini? A: Sure! Q: Will I be cold? A: I don’t know.

Q: perfect world where do i find the bolden goldwing?
Quick answer:
Long answer: Don’t ask questions like these. Go to PW database, click on the American flag to ensure you’re searching for PWI related stuff and search. It’s really that easy. Maybe the PWDB doesn’t contain everything, but always start there. 😉 These are those rare cases where you should not start with Google (which probably lists the same page too, but not with question so complex). Very, very good alternative – especially for quests – is the “I feel lucky” result for this question: PWI wiki with quest descriptions (search “bolden” on the page, I guess you got it but there are some lazy users, you know ;-)).

Enjoy the game and good luck!


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