Wanted Equilibrium

I’ve just watched Wanted and I watched Equilibrium some time ago (probably twice or thrice maybe). Don’t even ask why I wanna compare these two – I guess you wouldn’t if you’d seen them both. 🙂 So… Wanted or Equilibrium? The latter in my eyes and by far. Now when I revealed my uber-objective result let me elaborate. Only a little, I don’t wanna push it too long this evening. I’m quite a bad judge of movies to be honest – I generally like something and appreciate the effort.

To make it clear, I gave Wanted 7 and Equilibrium 8 on IMDB – and so I’ve just joined the crowd (7 or 7.8 respectively). I enjoyed both of them. But anyway you look at it Equilibrium is more serious, more deep, it’s about something (freedom? 1984 reminiscence?) and it was first! 😉 There must be some reason why users on IMDB see it similar – especially if we’re talking about “the Equilibrium like scene”. Neither of these films made it into my TOP selection, but I simply liked the Equilibrium more. The conflict inside the main hero’s soul and the whole story was much stronger than the troubles of the wanted guy (yeah, I probably forgot they wanted him dead ;-)). I’m quite lucky that I’m not that ultra-critical and I can enjoy movies with weaker plot fixed by average (or better) acting and good effects. Good effects are now more and more standard, so I’ll be probably satisfied in the future. While Equilibrium was obviously influenced by the Matrix, Wanted was influenced by the Equilibrium and Matrix and I while bullet-time is now more and more cliche it’s something that makes many scenes more enjoyable. Sometimes even funny (ok, I really didn’t wanna mix Shrek into this article ;-)).

That said… another nice evening with enjoyable movie is behind me. I don’t give a damn that critics didn’t like Equilibrium, IMDB users obviously did. I don’t give a damn if you think I’m simple man when I enjoyed Wanted. Scenes like “Time to say goodbay”/”I’m sorry” simply were more than satisfying and while I don’t like Angelina dying I liked this movie in overall. It’s not the recommendation – it’s just the fact. For me. 😉


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