Unreal Tournament 3 revival?

There seems to be some activity around a game of my (once) favourite franchise – Unreal Tournament 3! After finishing Gears Of War 2 Epic seems to plan so called Titan pack for UT3. I’m really very excited about it because it promises some overdue features like better menus, proper server browser, better AI (hopefully some things I’m gonna mention in just a minute will be covered too), client-side demo recording support… very, very good news indeed.

Following the news that you can also register your retail key via Steam I decided to do so and try the game’s single player campaign again in a meantime (until the Titan Pack comes). And I’ve refreshed a few frustrations that were long forgotten (since I quit UT3 which is nearly a year now). I decided to play Hard (I’m no pushover after all) but how those bots ran wild was just incredible. Their aim is insane (how is their aim on Insane level then? :-)) and in addition to that you are outnumbered in many missions. That’s what makes from “the tournament” suddenly something they consider to be “the story”. Or so, I don’t know. Of course, players are stubborn and the game is catchy. So I am willing to play incredible missions against all odds again and again. UT3 is also technically great. But why oh why they put it down with very stupid yet stupidly precise AI opponents… I don’t know. Not to mention stupidity of your teammates that really strikes the eye. Concrete example for all of them.

Warfare on a map called Serenity. You are four and they are eight (unless you play some of your “play cards” before the match – which I can recommend in this particular case). There is a big and strong vehicle spawn under certain conditions in the middle of the map and the vehicle can be manned by 5 players. Of course all of your three mates goes into the vehicle, they go the wrong place, they are not clever enough to jump out when they are needed somewhere else and/or the vehicle is stuck and the driver can’t do anything about it. That leaves the match literally you vs. the rest of the world. There is no excuse for AI like this for a game as over-hyped as UT3 was. This is what UT3 brings to those many who reportedly never go online (for various reasons I can imagine ;-)). And it’s not only this map. The way bots wander with flag when the only thing they had to do is to bring it the last few meters after I died and dropped it… and they gladly die too, why not, they took the flag but there was some fun in the area so why to hurry, right? First UT was really something big when it came out. I still can’t see any serious differences in AI after all those years (8 to be precise).

I recall some other stoppers where my bots were very bad in attack and their bots were very good in defense. I still have levels like Sandstorm (or how is it called) before me and I hope I’ll survive them in full health. Why do I play the game you ask? It’s suppose to be the current UT game and I’d like to play it with my friends – although most of my friends quit the franchise (hopefully only temporarily). I hope Titan Pack lifts the UT3 a bit because the game and the franchise doesn’t deserve the status it has now – and it’s not only our (fan’s) fault whatever whoever says. Some people already like the game like it is but there are many for whom the Titan Pack is one of those bits that are missing. With some luck a great bit fixing most of current problems. If you like UT series, stay tuned – because big things are about to happen. So say we all. 🙂


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