24 catchy and cheap

“Than why the hell do you watch it?” Right? No… I said catchy and that’s why I watch it. It’s more catchy than Prison Break, although it’s not as good as some older series. I plan to elaborate on this maybe in some future post. Now about 24. It’s action, 24 episodes of action in every season, it has its twists, surprises, it’s simply cool. But not all scripts are good enough. Trouble is that bad plot here means the whole season is ruined.

I’ve watched second season without having a need to extend my previous 24 post. Now – in season 3 – I have the need. I have it since episode 3 or so… because I’m willing to pardon a lot to the first two episodes. I was curious if I’m the only one who thinks this season is different and I’ve found that the general view is with me. But there are many fans who consider third season to be the best. Strange, but it’s probably about every viewer’s needs and expectations. 24 is not supposed to be sci-fi (or plain fiction for that matter) in our times. It should be thrilling action I can believe in.

But I can’t believe that so many smart people … how to say it nicely… screwed up big time in this season. When CTU wanted to catch Kyle in the mall… disaster. And he managed to run away! I also can’t understand how Michael Amador could get to L.A. without CTU being able to trace him. Maybe I’m naive, but I also can’t believe that when there is a copter in the town attacking offices in a building it can disappear without a trace. I’d think it can actually be traced before it even lands. I’m watching the series in English without subtitles which means I miss some details here and there but that doesn’t pardon so many situations when the good guys were not able to do something. Ok, maybe there was no satellite cover of Amador because the only possible satellite had just collided with some retired one. Whatever.

Now I know that when the mole is revealed to us from the start – it’s no mole at all. To be fair to the season it started to be pretty interesting in the second quarter when the secret plan of Jack, Toni and Gael is revealed. Finally the Nina is gone (not that I don’t like her face though ;-)). But still I have the feeling that the plot is bad. Not the threat, not the idea, but all those little elements you have to put together to get a good plot. But there are lots of dead instead. I’m not talking about virus victims because they are rather anonymous to us. But many people are simply killed just to make 24 look more serious, so it seems.

It’s quite boring to watch people die under not so believable circumstances. Yusuf Auda in season 2, few agents/doctors during Nina’s last strike (guards so sloppy? can’t believe that), it happens all the time. I’m really glad that Nina is dead because the ever-cliché of many movies and series is “we still need him”… just to let him cause even more pain. (Like Joker in The Dark Knight – he should be killed in cold blood sooner than the half of the movie… but what movie would that be, right? :-))

24 still is good fun to watch. But this season is much, much cheaper than the previous two. Luckily for me (hopefully) seasons 4-6 are reportedly better. And I’m looking forward to them.


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