SoundClick, TooFiles and the others

I plan to record some of my songs (in Slovak) and host them somewhere. For free, of course. 🙂 While default Apache-generated directory index works just fine, it’s obviously not the best music hosting solution, not to mention I don’t have huge quota on my shell account. After some googling I came to this AudioHostings list. As I wanted to host OGGs too, I picked up TooFiles. A lot of space for free, but with very little features. Service is still in the beta stage and the question is what’s the future of the site. Important thing is that it’s easy to upload files, easy to listen to them and easy to download. But why there is language flag next to the file when I can’t change it? Whatever… I’ll wait for new features. But I wanted to try some “composer/musician hosting” too.

That’s how I got to the SoundClick site. It looks cool, but you never know until you register, right? That’s probably the reason why I’m registered on bazillion places and I use perhaps one tenth of them (sorry that I exaggerate, probably even less ;-)).SoundClick offered me paid services, I ignored the offering as I didn’t know the site and it’s also waste of my money when I don’t want to make it at least semi-seriously (recording… selling?). That lead to a few disappointments soon. Check this FAQ if I could foresee them – I don’t think so. I uploaded MP3 with ABR (average bit rate) 192kbps, however the free service limits the quality to 128kbps. That’s obviously good “motivation” to buy premium services, as 128kbps is completely useless for clear piano or clear acoustic guitar (especially if it’s constant bit rate – CBR). Another issue is that online web-player plays very poorly on my Ubuntu Firefox – everything was OK on Windows though. TooFiles plays OK on both systems, but of course – two tests are not enough for serious comparison. Finally – you have to be registered (at least as a listener) to SoundClick when you want to download the file!

SoundClick on the other hand allows you to describe your band/yourself, allows you to add lyrics, descriptions and other stuff for every song, these features are very cool. That’s what I expect from “band hosting” site. Nevertheless I’ll quitSoundClick for good. I still can host the site somewhere else, make my own design and just link to TooFiles. It would be cool if the player from TooFiles was embeddable to other pages, maybe it’s possible, but I haven’t managed to rip the right part of the HTML code off the original page. There are more sites available on the list though – so I may register to others too to find out more. For now, simplicity overruled nice portal for musicians, because you have very little value for free there. And I wanted to host MP3 files in the first place. And yes, in original bit-rate. 🙂

Be so kind and comment if you know about something similar to SoundClick without its many limitations. For free. I’m not making my living with music. (Yet. :-P)

EDIT 2015: Using for years now and I’m happy with it. Never actually used those mentioned here properly. BTW my channel:


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