T500 minus, kudos to ZAR

This post is actually immediate continuation of my previous problem – it just took me some time to get to it. 🙂 After all my troubles with wannabe-freewares I got to the ZAR – or Zero Assumption Recovery software. While the software itself is not a freeware it has a free functionality. Luckily for me it was exactly that one I needed – image recovery from raw filesystem. I installed it on aforementioned Lenovo T500 I recently acquired at work and gave it a try. Many pictures were saved but not the ones I needed. Actually very old images were recovered. Than I discovered that whatever I do ZAR always reads only first 3.55 GB of the flash card. “Hm, wait, that’s strange!” One look to the Total Commander – right it reports 8GB card. I don’t know why I checked Windows format utility – but it wanted to format the drive only to 3.55 GB – so obviously ZAR wasn’t the only one “wrong” here.

Long story short. T500 card reader is either faulty or wrong drivers are installed or I don’t know what. I tried to reinstall drivers from Lenovo site, no luck – card was still only 3.55GB. I tried the card in my colleague’s T400 – it worked just fine! (I mean really worked as 8GB, not as it seemingly worked in my computer only to read garbage.) I couldn’t find help on Lenovo forums (yet, but after a few days the post is too low to anyone care) and I actually found out that many people have surprising amount of various problems with something I wanted for the quality. My T500 actually has also tricky fingerprint reader that sometimes gets stuck and reports “too short” swipe every two seconds or so and it’s close to impossible to enter the password. Not to mention very weak USB (I mean my wife’s Asus can power MIDI keyboard and USB audio interface better) – all three of them within 2-3 cm on one side. The computer is not THAT bad – it has actually pretty cool reviews (that affected me in my choice) – but I expected less problems for the money. Now I have notebook that looks solid (“you have a Thinkpad!”), has a nice display (1680×1050 in my case, love that) and… that’s about it. But I didn’t want to write about my disenchantment of the notebook initially.

I wanted to recommend you ZAR in case you need to recover your data from the filesystem! 🙂

And my pictures? I inserted the card into the reader we have on Epson Stylus Photo RX585 and recovered every single image I thought was lost. In addition to this adventure (that ruined one half of my day and made my day afterwards) I found out how pictures are written on the card and that they use all the capacity even when I delete them every time I download them to the computer. I don’t know if it’s FAT feature (never knew about it), I doubt camera can manage it under the filesystem level – and I don’t care really. Important thing is that the card is used nicely considering limited number of write cycles. I know, I know – I wouldn’t reach the limit even if only the first portion of the card was overwritten again and again. I just like it as it is.


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