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I’m not sure if I should add “(1)” into the title or not but let’s deal with the content first – before I decide to write another personal log. I just feel like to write something from my everyday life. Yet not so everyday, because today it finally happened – Roger Federer matched Pete Sampras with his Grand Slam titles + he completed career Grand Slam. In open era only Rod Laver and Andre Agassi did that before – and only Andre (and Roger now) on three different surfaces (on the other hand – Rod did it in one year and so he is the only man with the true Grand Slam in open era).

Funny – I became Roger’s fan when his star seemed to diminish. I didn’t care about tennis that much – mostly because of the lack of TV in my household. In 2005 I somehow accidentally saw him winning the US Open against Agassi (who also handed him Roland Garros trophy today!). Later I started to watch him in 2007 which was his last domination year. In 2008 he left the first place to Nadal who waited for this for a long time (just another statistical record) and barely managed to stay #2 – mostly because the mononucleosis in the start of the year. At least he won US Open (again ;-)). However 2009 doesn’t look so bad at all! Nadal showed hell of a fight in Australian Open and he is now clearly all-around player (after winning Wimbledon 2008 and hard court AO 2009 who can doubt it?). Roland Garros seemed to be ill-fated for Federer, but he managed to win it – while the biggest favourite lost to Robin Söderling who managed to pull it through to the final. And lose against Roger Federer. Who knows how it would end against Nadal. Nadal lost last clay final to Federer though – but it was only best of three and French Open – that’s just completely different motivation. Whatever the Roger’s way to this success was – he is there – between those few who won each of Grand Slam titles. Congratulations.

As a funny addition – here is a vid with some Barca fan entering the court during today’s match 🙂

But tennis is not the only thing I live with. To make the post rather shorter I’ll touch other things sort of telegraphically. 🙂 I mentioned REAPER digital audio workstation (DAW) in my previous posts (and also in my YouTube videos I wanted to wrap-up here). Big thing is that REAPER v3 was released. Actually it’s 3.02 currently – which is a good thing because Cockos (developer of the software) started to fix things quickly. If you’re in music business (especially home recording/computer based recording with strong emphasis on audio+MIDI), you should try Reaper because it’s slick, small, fast yet powerful DAW. I also found incredible VST instrument… more than that actually. Free Kore Player by Native Instruments along with their free Kore Soundpack Compilation Vol.1 is something you simply have to have (yes, I know the registration and activation process is annoying, but it’s worth it). I found some great sounds there, one patch with rock drums (through 6 octaves, 3 full sets!) and another Latino drums – and much more!… man, this is incredible deal for 0 money and I’m happy that NI supports also music fans who can’t afford expensive solutions – or maybe just wanna taste how it is to do some music and not make living of it.

Other than that? Well, business as usual, socialists took the most EU parliament chairs in for our country. I’ll just pay my taxes on, with thieves like our Slovak non-liberal, private-equity-backed socialists I’m pretty sure my money won’t get to poor people anyway (not in the same extent like it did with rightists, which is funny paradox). And maybe people will see one day. I don’t care anymore – although elections are my sacred obligation. World-wide crisis is far from over, well – I rather care about present and little things around. My wife, my son… or my tortoise 🙂 (see it how it can flip from its back!). Or Roger’s triumph on Roland Garros for that matter.

Well and now I should finally do something about JavaSimon or its second version will never reach final. So see you later. 🙂


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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