Bound Cheerleaders

Time for a post about movies again! 🙂 When I played one online game I talked a lot with a clever girl that taught me a lot about the game. And we discussed the life too and so we got to the fact that she liked girls. Not that it is important but it made sense that she recommended me two movies – Bound and But I’m a Cheerleader. Both are about lesbian girls and while in Bound it’s not really the most important part of the plot in Cheerleader movie it’s all about it. I saw Bound some time ago and I watched the latter just the other night. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten to this post if I hadn’t cried at the very end of it. The fact itself amused me – I’m not one of those hard men who never cry, I cried lately even hearing one beautiful song (and not even for the first time). I cry at the end of the movie here and there, Hollywood is good at it after all, and there are topics I simply can’t resist. Mostly naive, romantics, but it’s not that often. Kate and Leopold for instance didn’t drive me to tears although I like it and the happy end was definitely nice. I can’t explain when and why it happens, it simply happens sometimes.

Let’s discuss Bound first – no crying part here. 😉 You can read the plot on IMDB, so I’ll not focus on it. There are two girls that happened to be neighbors. They are quite different and their common ground is obviously their mutual attraction and later their plan to gull a mafioso – partner of one of them. There is a cool erotic scene with two girls that doesn’t involve any stupid covers up to their necks. But otherwise it’s semi-thrilling story that reminded me The Sting with the idea – but you may find it different entirely. Doesn’t really matter. What’s interesting about the movie is that it’s made by Wachovski brothers – three years before their Matrix. I’d say you can see it on the visual style too – but it’s easy to see what you want when you already know who made it. Plus I’m rather unaware of the artistic style unless it’s really striking. The atmosphere of the movie sucks me in if the movie is OK or better but I don’t notice there is a different filter on the camera for instance. 😉 To wrap it up – Bound is cool movie and I recommend it to general audience, it has fine plot with a scam that doesn’t go exactly as planned but you can expect happy end. Nothing about meaning of life though. Who wants to watch the philosophical and difficult stuff all the time after all?

But I’m a Cheerleader is different kind of movie. It’s a bit bizarre and surrealistic – mainly on the artistic style that is intentionally full of synthetic colours and scene sometime looks more like for a fairytale. Edward Scissorhands came to my mind. It definitely wasn’t so pink and blue though. 🙂 So the cheerleader girl is suspected to be a lesbian by her boy, friends and parents and sent to a homosexual deprogramming camp called “True Directions”. The whole story is half-half funny and romantic – although the topic is quite a serious one. I like the construction of those ex-ex-gays and the idea of the whole lying game in order to get out of the camp – but after graduation. Mostly for the sake of their parents, but sometimes even themselves were convinced they have to change. Again – our main hero, cheerleader, is attracted to other girl that is completely different, attraction is mutual and there is happy end, although there is no scam this time. 🙂 What made me cry was the final kinda desperate attempt of our cheerleader to convince the girl of her choice – and of course the result too. But I’m a Cheerleader is movie I find hard to generally recommend because it’s so over-played, over-coloured and exaggerated – probably for the idea of “healing gays”. But if you are open minded give it a try. It’s not even long after all.

“5-6-7-8 God is good, God is straight!”

So that’s me crying for two lesbians in the movie. Doesn’t really matter that I’m straight like the aforementioned God in the song the Cheerleader has to write in order to fight her direction. The story is about two people who fight the odds, it’s naive – and man, if something is naive, I simply love it. Not naive as stupid, but naive as nice. And if I hadn’t met one nice girl I probably wouldn’t have seen these movies. Whatever direction she had. 🙂 Maaan… I didn’t wanna by philosophical by no means.


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