How I did NOT buy Corel VideoStudio

While my Steam client is turned on most of the time, I have also Impulse client that is mostly turned off. Last time I need is to have billions of game/SW delivery clients running at the same time. I run Impulse only when I play Sins Of a Solar Empire. I check up on weekend deals on both stores – for instance offers 66% off of all Half-Life titles this weekend! Too bad I have them already. 😉 Back to Impulse. I’m still in search for video editing software. My needs are simple and I currently evaluate Sony Vegas 9.1, but the time is running out. What I don’t like is that Sony is somewhat slow on my computer – I don’t know why. Otherwise I can do what I want with it, so far so good. I’m just not sure yet.

Impulse came with Corel products on sale – one of them Ulead Video Studio 11.5 Plus for 42,24€. “Hm, I never heard of this one.” So I googled reviews, they were generally positive although users reported crashes – now what do you do? I downloaded the demo to find out by myself. What I don’t like is when I can’t try exactly what I want – demo was Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 (version 12). Now how do I know what I get in 11.5 PLUS? There is some comparison chart on Corel’s site – during this process I found out that Corel itself offers the sale until August 30th – and that the Pro X2 version is available for $60. That is still very good price, let’s just check out if I can order it – you never know if they are willing to deliver it (even online only) to your country. This screen changed my decision in seconds:

Instantly I recalled my experience with EA Store. It has been two years I’ve registered on Steam and bought Orange Box and I still can imagine I want to install some part of it – why to keep it on disk all the time? Or install it on another computer. I didn’t even check what’s the default time frame for download in case of Corel – EA offered half-a-year. That’s ridiculous. I’m going to delete the downloaded demo of this video software right away and I say it loud and clear:

You know what, Corel? Fuck off… I’m finished with you for years at least. Doesn’t matter that I haven’t even started.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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