WTF is Browser Highlighter?!

I just turned on my computer and a new icon in systray drew my attention. Browser Highlighter, whatever that is, also appeared next to my search input in Firefox. As there was some easy way how to tell them (probably eBay) what I think of them, I did it on the home page of this software:

I’m extremely UNsatisfied to see this unexpected piece of SW on my computer after restart (in systray). I’m no user who just clicks OK on everything and I’m pretty sure this thingy appeared on my computer without any question (maybe Skype? I don’t know). While I had quite neutral position towards eBay until now, it changed instantly. I don’t know who is the sinner application – but you had to want to use this way how to come to users. That makes you/eBay/whatever one of those ugly companies that smuggle annoying widgets on one’s computer. Good work to let me spend some time just to uninstall it and completely dislike you on the way.

Best regards

Richard Richter

Now I feel better. Some people report that Skype installed it silently – I don’t know. Maybe I actually hit OK on some dialog I confirm often – maybe it was in Firefox and their extension list after update. That would make Firefox another software I should stop trust. (Not that it’s good to trust any software – said a software developer. :-)) But one thing is clear – I did nothing intentional to add it there – and that’s the only proper way how to get customers fairly.


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4 Responses to WTF is Browser Highlighter?!

  1. Confirmed, it was Skype. Apparently eBay was not satisfied with the crime against humanity they called the “Skype Plugin for Firefox” and replaced it with “Browser Highlighter”. It most definitely was installed silently as part of the upgrade from 3.x to 4.x. Thanks, eBay.

  2. seimawromma says:

    Lots of guys write about this subject but you said really true words.

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  4. priceinjector says:

    You can use ‘eBay Spy’ chrome extension. It will show you the best deals on eBay, great stuff, often the lowest price in there. It is not buggy as the browser highlighter, more accurate and lightweight.

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