Adding “free” to search? In vain?

It’s not the first time I’m pretty upset with so called “freeware”. This time I needed DVD grabber (or ripper, whatever) and as I was sure there is some free solution I added “free” to my search. Whether you search for free VSTi or DVD ripper – lately you’re rarely offered the thing you really want directly – especially not for free. There are tons of various syndicate sites or how to call them. Download centralizing solutions. Well I go to one such site with the list of DVD rippers. Most of them were licensed as Demo – OK, I don’t mind, at least I know what to expect – and I can simply skip them.

So it happened that I downloaded some Agree Free DVD Ripper Platinum (“free” is even in the name of the actually downloaded installation file). After all it was mentioned as Freeware on one of those centralized download sites. First the software tells you it can’t process multiple files at once – because that can do only premium version. Ok… but when you really hit the Convert, software finally tells you how much it sucks. It can’t process the whole track. “Go to hell!” I want CDex for DVDs! Something simple and working.

I don’t mind… I really don’t mind that there are softwares I should pay for. What I’m objecting is that they try to cheat me. And I guess it even works sometimes – because there is a lot of poor users who hardly know what to think about this kind of “freeware”. It’s not enough that a lot of “services” offer “free download” of Shareware… like I should pay for the download itself otherwise? There are obviously many ways how to render word “free” in your searches close to useless nowadays. And lies are far from being the least used methods.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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