Personal Log (3): Year of fulfilled dreams

So the year 2009 is over and – all crisis considering – it was a good year for me and my family. Our son was born shortly before the year started which means that most of his first year happened in 2009 – and interesting year for him it was! He now walks, touches my guitars, opens cupboards and freezer – you can imagine.

Our domestic rhythm section

I mentioned crisis… I guess everybody noticed. Somewhere major banks went down, a lot of people lost their jobs, but again – with a bit of luck – nothing of this affected our family seriously although payment didn’t come up either as it would have otherwise. What troubles me seriously though – it’s the politics here in Slovakia I’m kinda hopeless thinking about normal Slovak people when I see what they want to rule and lead us. Socialists or not, there are two parties from Slovak pre-1998 “dark ages” (HZDS, SNS) and one newer, bigger with a leader that reassembles infamous Vladimír Mečiar from HZDS – our modern populist, Robert Fico and his party Smer. Thanks to this trinity our country is losing money way too often – bribery, frauds, over-priced tenders (often won by the highest bid as anything “inappropriate” is disqualified for absurd reasons), etc. You may think it’s the way it is in every country – more or less. The problem here is – it’s way too common here. Media often discovers new cases, but the real tragedy here is – electorate as a whole obviously doesn’t care about it and believes in lies they are told. Morale suffers, justice is crooked, economy could go better too. It will take many years to fix all the damage in the society. If it ever goes there…

Funny enough – if we haven’t bought our flat here in Bratislava maybe we would leave the country. Now we’re more or less stuck here but I can’t really complain about our living standards. Regions where HZDS, SNS and now mostly Smer has biggest support are not getting that better thanks to these politicians, but they rather blame media, foreign capitalists, or whoever the current designated enemy is. This all in Slovakia – otherwise normal, modern, educated country. To add more – we chose (again) Ivan Gašparovič for the president – the man who was just the second one in rule after Mečiar , the man who evidently broke even constitutional laws as a leader of parliament, the same Constitution he helped to create. The man who called previous president “the old dick” in the parliament – unaware that his microphone is still on. And I know people who voted him because he was just recommended by Smer/Fico – of course, because it’s just their type. So we have liars and cheaters on all important positions now, just great. You may say – “it’s the same here”. Well, unless you’re more to the east I just doubt it. Even if there are cheaters and liars in politics everywhere, the magnitude, the scale is still important.

Whatever… after I paid my taxes on these parasites, I could spend some on my dreams. Politics really affects us all, but I can’t say I’m doing bad – far from it. Of course I can’t buy anything I want, but when you want to buy something related to home music production, you can do it very easily and cheaply nowadays! So it just happened that having microphone and Midi keyboard for a few years already, I decided to take it all from the closet and actually use it! I bought a mixing console, stands for keyboard and guitars and so I got to my first kind of home recording studio. I added DAW of my choice in – REAPER – and the day before Christmas Eve I brought also M-Audio studio monitors (speakers). I blogged a few times about various topics related to home recording.

My new speakers – not the best position, I know 😉

I also bought better electric guitar. The first one I had – again for a few years already – was Behringer’s V-tone with amplifier. While I don’t use the guitar, I still use the amp. My current guitar is nice black Lag AM-100 and while I don’t expect to be great guitarist, I practice here and there and just have fun with it. Too bad I could fulfill these dreams after 30! Too good I could do it at all on the other side. 😉

I should not have too much free time besides my work and family, but our son is really great and my wife is even greater. 🙂 That leaves me some time to practice the guitar (with son messing with my cables) or keyboard. And not only that. I have a feeling I now play more computer games than ever before. I bought a lot of Steam games (mostly on sales) and that also keeps me from buying more as I can’t play all of those I have already. I’d love to post something about the best I played this year. I really enjoyed Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead and now I’m stuck with Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. But not only that. I started to play Perfect World International on September 2008, but I quit the game during this summer. I play it only here and there with my wife. I was just pissed of how imbalanced the game is on many places, how high levels do often too much for low levels which ultimately means there are a lot of mid-level players who just can’t play properly, etc.

For that I decided to go for a paid MMORPG after all – and I went for EVE Online as it was the game I was thinking about for some time. The game mechanics are just way more complex than Perfect World, market really works, graphics is not that crazy when it comes to some aspects (PWI really overdid it with most boutique mounts and especially their particle effects), the whole sci-fi feel is just great and believable, and also the netcode is far more fair than in PWI.

So that was my year! Job is OK, baby is great, family even better and then there are my musical hobbies and a lot of fun with games. Maybe the whole wrap-up could be much more negative if I had different attitude – because, yes, attitude is important as well. So if you’re in doubt about something, try to see it from the positive side.

I wish you Happy New Year – and good the whole year of course – and wish you a bit of luck too, as it always helps. After that it’s all about your attitude. 🙂


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