Adobe Download Manager? Bah…

I just decided to uninstall it and not even then it works. 🙂 I should close Internet Explorer without having one open (it meant Firefox). Anyway – why I want to get rid of this crappy download manager? Well – because I can’t control it properly, it’s doing what it wants and not what I want. I noticed I have Adobe Reader 8.x on my computer, so I decided to upgrade. I went to Adobe page, clicked some links I believed lead to the result and Adobe informed me it wants to use his Download Manager – of course for my better experience. I said to myself: “Don’t be so old-fashioned – it’s serious company.” (Not like eBay/Skype.)

But I was mistaken. Download manager got installed and then it asked me if I want to install Adobe Reader (of course) and McAfee Scan something – the hell no! Is it so difficult to get what I want and ONLY what I want? Trouble is – if it’s perfectly clear what is direct link to download without manager I’m not even writing this post. It’s less and less obvious these days – the same way how words like “freeware” don’t guarantee anything. That’s sad. Ok, this wasn’t something I can’t deal with. I’m more and more on guard installing something, going through the components of any software (especially various utilities) because you can often find there some Firefox toolbar, additional software, Windows Registry healer… whatever. And you’re actually lucky if it asks (although I’d prefer these components non-ticked by default – but we all know why they force them upon us).

So the Download Manager was downloading the Reader when after a few minutes being around 25% – I had very slow connection that evening – boom. Crashed. I decided not to continue that evening and today I went to Adobe’s page and download the software again. To my surprise – it didn’t ask anything this time – Manager opened, there was my old download – I wasn’t sure it wants to continue or not – but there was a fresh new Adobe Reader download too and – guess what – yes, McAfee something downloading as well. Everything I hate about today’s Internet was distilled into the thought “stupid Adobe!” But I – naively – thought I can fix it. Right click on the line with download… nothing. How can I remove it now? Even if it has some controls, they are not obvious – but I think there are none. What’s this kind of manager good for? Would it ask after download if I want that McAfee thing installed? Well, I doubt it – it shouldn’t have been downloading it in the fist place, right?

I went to download page again and got direct download link and do it the old way. Now I’m one disgusting experience and one blog post older. But in the end – also more experienced and even less trustful – whatever the name of the company is. Still – it’s all too sad.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

One Response to Adobe Download Manager? Bah…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree on Adobe Download Manager.
    But why even bother with Adobe Reader, try Foxit Reader instead (if you haven’t already).

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