Steam doesn’t like me… again

I don’t know why I’m so lucky . I started the computer but for some unknown reason Windows XP just didn’t want to start any program for me. Not even Ctrl+Alt+Delete worked. Not even Turn Off Computer. Otherwise it just looked OK. I even noticed bubble saying that Steam is updating EVE Online. God knows why EVE is so stupidly updated in Steam. I have already patch 1.1 of Dominion. Yesterday I patched to 1.1.1 and it was like 5 megabytes. Now today Steam was obviously downloading more megabytes. I’m even convinced I turned off updating for this game. But who knows…

Back to computer problem. I pressed reset – harsh but not my fault after all.

After another reboot, computer was OK, but Steam said it couldn’t connect. Of course – it couldn’t go to Offline mode either. Steam NEVER went to Offline mode when I needed – and I really don’t know why. Steam website seems to be OK. So I decided to search a bit. I hit troubleshooting link on the error dialog (the one offering Offline mode too). First time I timed out, second time I got to what was expected. FAQs about network issues. But there are no actual network issues!

Funny thing is that whether I hit Retry connection or Start in Offline Mode, the error is still the same: Could not connect …blablabla. And behind this window there is another one saying: “The operation cannot be completed when Steam is in offline mode.”

I went to their forums and wanted to search for other tips. To my surprise, blank page with error message was the result:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /valve/www/ on line 1034

I – poor stupid user – blamed myself for querying with a long string, went back to repeat with shorter – yet the page told me: “This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between searches. Please try again in 44 seconds.” By the way – the same message appears even when Steam tells you only that “could” is too common and should not be used, ergo no search was performed at all. I tried more keywords later, but often the result was – no results at all. I consider their forum search pretty much unusable and I miss full-text search. What should I search for when I think that “Steam couldn’t connect because of some other non-network issue”. Or why I can’t search for “offline mode doesn’t work”. Is it “offline mode malfunction”? I seriously doubt many users use word “malfunction” in their problem post. I’m pretty sure – on the other hand – you can see “doesn’t work” a lot.

Isn’t it beautiful to have games for hundreds of Euros unavailable because of some stupid Steam issues? I told it before – Steam is supposed to be client for simple users as well. I pity them if they have to resolve any issue like this by themselves. For most of them there is only one option -reinstallation. That just sucks.

Actually – I believe that pirates are lucky guys who have much less problems playing their games. I don’t know what troubles I would hit using Impulse more often. On the other hand Impulse is run byStardock – a company that issued The Gamer’s Bill of Rights. I’m convinced that Steam/Valve should do better to make their client more robust and failure safe.

(The little tragedy is that I often hear that Steam is one of the top products in its category. I’m afraid it’s true.)

Edit: Problem was obviously on the server side which means it really was network problem. It was resolved soon “by itself” from my perspective. It – however – doesn’t change anything on the fact that I was unsuccessfull with Offline mode.


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