Canon doubts

I use Canon – whatever the reason is. EOS 450D. But sometimes I just can’t fight off some doubts. There’s that stupid idea with EOS Utility instead of making the camera itself simple plain USB mass storage. Well – I can live with that, at least this utility sorts out my photos in some way I’m already used to. But when you want to show a few pictures to a friend, you’re just lost unless you have card reader (luckily, more and more common). This, however, leads us to the need for the utility even if one would not want it for some additional features. (What additional features? :-))

Recently I installed Windows 7 and I slowly go ahead installing all the software I use. Now I’m around Picasa and Canon utils. “God knows where I have my CD, let’s just download it from internet, right?” No, not right. After you choose your OS and language, you see only “EOS Utility Updater”. “Well perhaps it somehow installs the software even if it’s called ‘updater’.” No, wrong. Canon simply is not there yet. After running the updater I was asked to insert the CD coming with the camera.

I found it. No problem after all. But why? Why I have to stand up from my chair for a stupid driver? Why can’t I install the fresh one right away? I don’t know…

Maybe for the same reason the camera is not USB mass storage. Maybe because it’s Canon.

Maybe I just didn’t find the driver. But even then Canon would be to blame. Anyway, you can check more about this whole nonsense here and here. So, dear Canon, you want us to mess with registers or buy some f-ing CD?!

Wake up, Canon! It’s 21st century already. For nearly 10 years actually!


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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