Annoyware neverending story

Liars. How can you otherwise name authors of the following words:

“Click the links below to start download immediately. It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

You download the software and it’s not even named as it was on the page, suddenly it has Professional in the name – and of course… Trial! I wanted free DVD ripper for my Traveling Wilburys DVD bought from Amazon (I always grab my stuff for quite obvious reasons) and I was pretty sure I’ll come to some software like this tonight.

Do you know about any service where one can check the name of the software (or pretended name, whatever) and find out if it’s fake or not? Is it even possible to deliver such a service really credibly? Or do I need to ignore the whole sites to avoid this? Which one then?

Today I tried to find another word than scamware for this type of really annoying software. But as it was with scamware, annoyware also – quite naturally – came to other people’s minds before. Quite naturally.


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

4 Responses to Annoyware neverending story

  1. r0b0 says:

    Just use handbrake – open source DVD ripper.

    • virgo47 says:

      I tried it, but with DVD I bought it recognizes only 2 tracks out of 7, whether I copy the DVD to disk or not. Winx Free ripper found them all (or at least more, not sure now) but free version is not very configurable and mp4 video was interlaced. I tried Handbrake’s filter, but video was rather worse.

      Otherwise it looks quite nice and promising though, I’ll give it a shot again with another DVD.

  2. Kevin Majlo says:

    I hate that. They always mean free to download.

    • virgo47 says:

      Yes, that’s their alibi. It’s still scam/annoyance for me. They are cowards who can’t state clearly on their site: “Here we have uber product and it costs $20 or so. And we’re better than competency in this, this and this.”

      I hate it too. 🙂

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