How I cracked Batman

And what a shame – game I bought. I’m seriously annoyed by so many things in game industry, but I like games. I like Stardock and their policies, too bad other companies are… frankly, stupid, and they punish me with things like Games for Windows and other stuff.

I personally hate even unskippable intro videos. That’s often the first thing I google – which file to remove or rename to get rid off all the commercials I’m really not interested in every time I start the game. It’s like the punishment on original DVDs – unskippable warnings (“I bought that damn thing, ffs!”) or even trailers for movies that will be forgotten when I want to see my film again after 10 years. But this, at least, is not crippling the game. It’s just the annoyance all these companies can’t knock off, obviously.

But various anti-piracy protections and required live accounts, those are just too much. I have Batman Arkham Asylum and it has just installed this crazy MS service. I have the account, I updated the damn thing from Microsoft’s pages, but I still can’t access my profile from the game. Maybe it has something to do with port-forwarding (now beat that if your provider doesn’t care!) – but I just don’t (want to) care!

Steam’s page states “Other Requirements: Online play requires log-in to Games For Windows – Live”. I try to be careful on Steam (which itself I quite like) because of companies like Ubisoft. But when I decide “I don’t wanna play online” and then I can’t save the single-player, something is seriously wrong. I didn’t know you can create offline profile and play without problems, because it’s not really obvious.

So after some Googling I decided “what a hell, I’ll get a crack”. It’s no accident Google suggestion completes phrases like “batman arkham asylum crack save game”. So I got one crack and I could save the game without any profile – but gliding was broken. I found another sources for “save glide problem” – but this time I was instructed to create “offline profile”. I thought: “Wait, what offline account?” When I realized what I needed to do – and that I can do it without the crack – I put back the original executable file, of course.

Now I’m ready for another game that works like this with that service that is otherwise completely useless for me. I know that when you’re about to create profile, you have to scroll down some information and find link in order to create offline profile. Whoever created such a user interface did it probably intentionally, but I can’t understand the true motivation. Either you want additional service – and then you create online profile – or you don’t want it and then you should be offered obvious way how to get to a fully working game. Or not?

So now I’m wiser again, though I don’t like this kind of experiences at all, and I can play without a crack. But I’m telling you – when I started to write this article, I was much more desperate, and I really thought I will be playing bought game – with a crack. That is also saying something about gaming industry nowadays.


2 thoughts on “How I cracked Batman

    1. No, I cannot, I don’t even remember it – but the point was, that in the end I could have played it normally after figuring out how to create offline account in that Microsoft nonsense.

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