More positive take on Maven

Sometimes I start making notes on some topic and it takes me months (or even over a year!) to finish that particular post. But I should not wait with this one. Situation with my Maven expertise isn’t much better than when I wrote what I wrote the last time. I found some more around the same attitude (or even more, no problem) – but also something in defence – right from the people who should know Maven best. And yes, even they agreed with some of the issues (especially on release plugin).

Actually, talking about releasing artifact… right know I’m reading book about Continuous delivery (of software, of course), we’re still long way to get there all the way, but what strikes me is how often automation is mentioned and stressed. And here we are releasing Maven artifacts after reading dozens of points, installing external software (PGP), configuring tons of stuff and eventually failing in many cases (or just giving up). That’s definitely the biggest failure of Maven in my eyes.

But back to the title! Today it’s positive and – shame on me! – here I am spoiling it with all the reiteration of my previous concerns. So what is it that I suddenly like so much about Maven? It’s actually very simple. One thing that Maven really made right was imposing all its rules about project structure on us. Most of our current projects are not really Eclipse anymore, they are Maven projects – and Eclipse understands them, creates all is necessary files – but we don’t check in those.

While Eclipse project is not particular problem for my beloved IntelliJ IDEA (the same I cannot say about Eclipse… well talking about Idea’s project, not Eclipse’s own, of course :-)), using Maven projects in IDEA is just trivial too! And this kind of cooperation is just worth it. Because with Maven, you can go either direction. I just wish the building and all was just as pleasant as is project management.


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