Dear IntelliJ IDEA, I love you, but…

No, no, it’s not that I’m leaving. Where would I go? To that total eclipse of sense? Or should I get some beans or what? No way… I’m with you – in good times and in bad! We’ve been through so much together! Do you remember your version 4? How we all couldn’t understand why we can’t have web application support in the same source tree with all EJBs? Not that your free version have any Java EE support now – but then, it is free! Back to that version 4, right?

We got it after all. We partially mavenized our projects (without using Maven while possible and hell, how easy was our life even with all those libraries we had to manage!), we split artifacts into their respective modules and we felt… well, reformed. Thank you.

With every version you brought refactorings that made sense and helped, templates that were really useful, and your completion… it was just all so normal and obvious until any of us had to use those other incompetent IDEs around. Where, tell me, where would we go? We’re not masochists, we know why we use you, it’s hardly possible to live without you anymore.

I declare here and now – I DO love you. You know it, I know it, everybody who knows me knows it – why to hide it anymore? I don’t care what my “normal” friends say (those that are not programmers, you know), I don’t care what people kept in the dark (you know, those living in umbra) may think, they never got it anyway what it is like when enum literals are just completed and foreach template asks for the collection first and the rest is just derived correctly.

My wife can hardly bear it, she’s jealous, but I just don’t care! I love you. But…

There are those times when it’s harder then it should be. Consider, my dear, just a few things. I did my part, I reported stuff, I was faithful – and I’d love to stay it that way. But there are things that are hard to forgive. Hard to go around. Sometimes I just have to use Eclipse – not because I want, not even because the project requires me to do so – but because you are so stubborn and can’t get better with just a few things. While Eclipse is just beyond any chance to be mended, you, my dear, have just a few bugs that are – I’m sure! – easy to fix and all those problems would be gone! All those little situations when Eclipse crowd can just laugh back for all my laughing on their pathetic SVN, Maven (or whatever you name) support.

Not that my list is short, but then there is clear line between things I can easily forgive (though not forget, you know how it goes after many years in relationships) and those I can’t however hard I try. You know that search widget introduced years ago… it would be just so good if Enter worked like in Firefox and Escape really cancelled the search and forgot whatever I wrote in there. No, you’re stubborn. But OK, however stupid it is, maybe all other users love your way and not the Firefox way. I can forgive this.

What I can’t, you ask? Well… the first thing is caused by the existence of Eclipse. You know, we store our resources with Unicode escapes – that is using transparent native-to-ASCII conversion. And the problem is that you and Eclipse just can’t agree on the same casing of those escape sequences. My dear, my dear, I know… it may be Eclipses fault too, but as pointed here, you are not in line with native2ascii tool in the first place. This bug might actually be close to some resolution IF… there wasn’t that resistant bug that appears in a few variants and prevents us from changing the file encoding. Quite serious, don’t you think?

Well, this I had on my heart today (and actually for many days, weeks, even months) and I just needed to get it out. I hope you’ll not take it the wrong way. I told you about my feelings and those are true. Yet I think love is not about being blind, you know. Whatever romantics may say. Of course, my nitpicking list could go longer, but let’s separate serious stuff from details, shall we…

And yes, I don’t want to repeat myself… but if I must. I love you. Of course. 🙂


About virgo47
Java Developer by profession in the first place. Gamer and amateur musician. And father too. Naive believer in brighter future. Step by step.

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