About me and this Blog

About the Blog

This blog is probably not aimed as it should be. Some posts may be about my professional love with Java or about my personal love with music or about fictional trip into the different world. Or anything else. Most of the posts will be in English but some of them will be in Slovak as well.

Commenting is allowed for non-registered users too.

About me

My name is Richard Richter, but generally I’m known as Virgo or Virgo47 if I need to distinguish myself from other Virgos out there. 😉 I live in Bratislava, have a wife (she has a nice blog with kitchen recipes in Slovak language) and quite a settled life. I like PC gaming (FPS, RPG, Unreal Tournament series, EVE Online, …), Java and SW development, music and photography. I “live” on the Internet since 1997, have some very old home page (personal home pages were so popular before blogging ;-)), some page about me as the mapper for UT and you can also find me on various other places and activities, for instance Java Simon project (quite active, check its Google+ Page) or Wiki about UT3 Level Design (not updated anymore). Most of these on-line activities suffer by my real life (mostly work and family). I do them while it’s fun for me – so forgive me any unfinished work. 🙂 I’m just a human after all.

You can also meet me on my Google+, or you can just email me directly: virgo47@gmail.com

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