The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

It shouldn't have sounded like "The Sins of Solar Empire" originally. Especially because the Sins are nice example how games should be made - proving that they can be successful even without anti-piracy protection. This is not a review of a couple of games. It is a review of ugly things even good games often … Continue reading The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

Witcher 2 bittersweet review

I’ll not bother with pictures or story, everything can be found elsewhere. I used as a guide when I needed it. I want to sum up my experiences and feelings from the game development lately. Consolization is obviously unstoppable process that can be understood. Some games deal with it better - with PC having … Continue reading Witcher 2 bittersweet review

Personal Log (4): Games I played in 2011

Last time I wrote “Personal Log” it was the end of 2009 and I wrapped it up in my post from more perspectives. Year 2011 was a good one (again), I started in a new job in January, our daughter Barbora was born in January - but even with these obligations (job and family) and … Continue reading Personal Log (4): Games I played in 2011

How I cracked Batman

And what a shame - game I bought. I’m seriously annoyed by so many things in game industry, but I like games. I like Stardock and their policies, too bad other companies are... frankly, stupid, and they punish me with things like Games for Windows and other stuff. I personally hate even unskippable intro videos. … Continue reading How I cracked Batman

Steam doesn’t like me… again

I don't know why I'm so lucky . I started the computer but for some unknown reason Windows XP just didn't want to start any program for me. Not even Ctrl+Alt+Delete worked. Not even Turn Off Computer. Otherwise it just looked OK. I even noticed bubble saying that Steam is updating EVE Online. God knows … Continue reading Steam doesn’t like me… again

Personal Log (3): Year of fulfilled dreams

So the year 2009 is over and - all crisis considering - it was a good year for me and my family. Our son was born shortly before the year started which means that most of his first year happened in 2009 - and interesting year for him it was! He now walks, touches my … Continue reading Personal Log (3): Year of fulfilled dreams

Merry Xmas with crashing Steam

Besides their crazy sales until January 3rd plus new even bigger deals every day Steam gave me one additional experience. It all started in an innocent way - some question about defragmentation. I answered positively and since that moment Steam UI was completely dead for me. After long minutes I killed the client and that … Continue reading Merry Xmas with crashing Steam