My Battle with Node, Npm, Webpack and its Progress plugin

It was our fault all the time, but we didn’t know how and why and we wanted to know. We wanted to know why the build of our Angular 6 application sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t when we used the same Node+Npm versions every time. I suspected the environment differences, PATH perhaps, but the punch… Continue reading My Battle with Node, Npm, Webpack and its Progress plugin

Christmas technology complaints 2018

It is often told that things are not what they were long time ago. That’s obviously true. And that they are getting worse – every generation says that. Things, young, relationships, you name it. But it is also often told that at the same time many things are getting better. Now, where is the truth,… Continue reading Christmas technology complaints 2018

Classpath too long… with Spring Boot and Gradle

Java applications get more and more complex and we rely on more libraries than before. But command lines have some length limits and eventually you can get into troubles if your classpath gets too long. There are ways how to dodge the problem for a while – like having your libraries on shorter paths. Neither… Continue reading Classpath too long… with Spring Boot and Gradle

Self-extracting install shell script with Gradle

My road to Gradle was much longer than I wanted. Now I use it on the project at the company and I definitely don’t want to go back. Sure, I got used to Maven and we got familiar – although I never loved it (often on the contrary). I’m not sure I love Gradle (yet),… Continue reading Self-extracting install shell script with Gradle

Samsung UE50MU6170 review

So I’ve bought a new TV (it’s actually UE50MU6172 in our country, but it doesn’t matter) after roughly 9 years to upgrade our 32” screen to 50”. And it’s Samsung again. Why? Because I saw it, tried it and it didn’t dim the screen the way I hate. Little did I know that it does… Continue reading Samsung UE50MU6170 review

The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

It shouldn’t have sounded like “The Sins of Solar Empire” originally. Especially because the Sins are nice example how games should be made – proving that they can be successful even without anti-piracy protection. This is not a review of a couple of games. It is a review of ugly things even good games often… Continue reading The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

Pre-christmas technology review 2017

It’s been two years since my last technology overview and I feel the need for another one. Especially after otherwise pretty weak blog-year. Notebook HP Stream 14” with 32GB eMMC (“Snow White”) (verdict: 2/5) I got this for my son to teach him some HTML or similar entry-level computer stuff. He loves doing it. However,… Continue reading Pre-christmas technology review 2017