My first video year with Canon EOS 200D (SL2)

In April 2018 I’ve bought Canon EOS 200D as an upgrade/refresh to my previous Canon EOS 450D. First I was a bit lost in all Canon product lines (despite tracking their releases occasionally) and wasn’t fully decided whether I want to go up the line (77D/80D) or even two (7D Mk II), stay in the… Continue reading My first video year with Canon EOS 200D (SL2)

Canon doubts

I use Canon – whatever the reason is. EOS 450D. But sometimes I just can’t fight off some doubts. There’s that stupid idea with EOS Utility instead of making the camera itself simple plain USB mass storage. Well – I can live with that, at least this utility sorts out my photos in some way… Continue reading Canon doubts

Upgrade to Canon EOS 450D

I was always crazy about SLR cameras – since my father used to borrow me his own old Fujica (bought around 1984). Fated like this it’s no surprise my first camera was SLR. It was Canon 3000N with 35-80mm kit lenses for a good price I could afford (that time I really couldn’t afford better) – and… Continue reading Upgrade to Canon EOS 450D