Annoyware neverending story

Liars. How can you otherwise name authors of the following words: “Click the links below to start download immediately. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE!” You download the software and it’s not even named as it was on the page, suddenly it has Professional in the name - and of course... Trial! I wanted free DVD ripper for … Continue reading Annoyware neverending story

Canon doubts

I use Canon - whatever the reason is. EOS 450D. But sometimes I just can’t fight off some doubts. There’s that stupid idea with EOS Utility instead of making the camera itself simple plain USB mass storage. Well - I can live with that, at least this utility sorts out my photos in some way … Continue reading Canon doubts

Adding “free” to search? In vain?

It's not the first time I'm pretty upset with so called "freeware". This time I needed DVD grabber (or ripper, whatever) and as I was sure there is some free solution I added "free" to my search. Whether you search for free VSTi or DVD ripper - lately you're rarely offered the thing you really … Continue reading Adding “free” to search? In vain?