Google Chrome with perspective

I can hardly believe that it's almost a year I started to use Google Chrome browser! While I still use it at home I decided to switch back to Firefox at work - for a simple reason. Chrome is very stubborn when accessing https sites without proper certificate. We have a few on our corporate … Continue reading Google Chrome with perspective

Google Docs enhanced?

I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not, but I miss sidebar in Google Docs application containing folders and some other stuff. You can see it on the picture on this page. Now the trouble is, that I miss that list of folders for a few days already. This is how it looks in … Continue reading Google Docs enhanced?

Googleized or Googlized?

Doesn't matter really. Even Googelized can be found with Google - and every form has its foundation. I'll stick with Googleized - because it contains Google in its fullness. Of course I used Google to find something on web before, but my full Googleization started when I decided to be invited to Gmail. I always … Continue reading Googleized or Googlized?