Crippling IT revolutions

Long time ago computers were slow, UI was primitive (say Windows) and there was a lot to learn. Now all is about the end of PC era, tablets and absolute disregard for the voice of users. And still you have to learn a lot as a user. What I miss quite a lot in technology… Continue reading Crippling IT revolutions

Not so Christmas technology whining

First of all – Merry Christmas (and eventually Happy New Year considering my last blogging pause) to you all. Iā€™m sitting in my living room, son is ill and sleeping sooner than expected (mid-day) and wife is cooking something for the evening. And I decided to report about just a few technology problems I met… Continue reading Not so Christmas technology whining

I don’t understand Google Help

This is the problem I have for a long time. In normal software (I don’t wanna say that Google is bad, just…) I use some bugzilla or Jira (I love products using Jira!). I can watch how my issue progresses – or is ignored for that matter. šŸ˜‰ Google is different. Sometimes it’s good –… Continue reading I don’t understand Google Help

Picasa 3 with stupid Other Stuff

I’m angry. This time about Google again (last time it was missing side bar in Google Docs – still missing BTW, no drag&drop to move the document to some directory anymore). Picasa offered me an update and I agreed – why not to update? Well – after I started my brand new updated Picasa 3… Continue reading Picasa 3 with stupid Other Stuff

Google Docs enhanced?

I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not, but I miss sidebar in Google Docs application containing folders and some other stuff. You can see it on the picture on this page. Now the trouble is, that I miss that list of folders for a few days already. This is how it looks in… Continue reading Google Docs enhanced?

Blogging for two years!

Yeah, it’s true! I would probably not celebrate it if I had ended my blogger’s career in a typical way (you guessed it… I meant simply to stop writing). It was actually pretty close to that but I somehow revived my taste to write again. The taste I have since my early years as I… Continue reading Blogging for two years!

Moving In

This is actually copy of post from Blogspot after I migrated all posts here. Only the title there is “Moving Out”. šŸ™‚ When my wife wanted to create blog with recipes I suggested Blogspot because I liked it and it was Google corporate. I like Google products. But Blogspot is first case when I decided… Continue reading Moving In