Personal Log (3): Year of fulfilled dreams

So the year 2009 is over and - all crisis considering - it was a good year for me and my family. Our son was born shortly before the year started which means that most of his first year happened in 2009 - and interesting year for him it was! He now walks, touches my … Continue reading Personal Log (3): Year of fulfilled dreams

Native Instruments and more free stuff

I mentioned free Kore Player by Native Instruments previously in my personal log. The registration process is a bit annoying - but nothing that doesn't work and it really is worth it. Since then NI came with free Kontakt Player (now upgraded to version 4), Factory Selection for Kontakt - but those instruments work in … Continue reading Native Instruments and more free stuff

Behringer UCA202 tricky crosstalk

Behringer UCA202 (see product page or little video introduction) is a neat little box that's plugged into your mixer (or whatever else in the analog signal realm) via two pairs of RCA cables and than it has another USB cable to your computer. With ASIO drivers you can see it in your favourite DAW and … Continue reading Behringer UCA202 tricky crosstalk

Multi-track home recording for free

I'd like to interconnect my YouTube creations with this blog - so this time we'll be talking about home recording with Audacity. It's by no means Audacity tutorial - I just want to introduce Audacity and also demonstrate its limitations when you wanna enter the realm where acronyms like VST, MIDI and ASIO rule it … Continue reading Multi-track home recording for free