IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 review

I’ve been IntelliJ IDEA user for many years and I’m not going to talk about its features and its code-centric approach I like so much. IDEA 2019.2 came after weeks of waiting, watching videos like this one from Trisha Gee or reading blogs like this one from Zlata Kalyuzhnaya. I installed it and after a… Continue reading IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 review

My Battle with Node, Npm, Webpack and its Progress plugin

It was our fault all the time, but we didn’t know how and why and we wanted to know. We wanted to know why the build of our Angular 6 application sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t when we used the same Node+Npm versions every time. I suspected the environment differences, PATH perhaps, but the punch… Continue reading My Battle with Node, Npm, Webpack and its Progress plugin

IntelliJ IDEA and yFiles diagrams

I have a long history with IntelliJ IDEA and in overall I love it. Sure there are tons of minor (and also more than minor) issues but it’s just like with a marriage – you have to find a partner who’s flaws you can tolerate. IntelliJ IDEA is such a partner for me. But there… Continue reading IntelliJ IDEA and yFiles diagrams

Eclipse 5 years later – common formatter quest

It was 5 years ago when I compared IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDE in a series of blog posts (links to all installments at the bottom of that post). I needed to migrate from IDEA to Eclipse, tried it for couple of months and then found out that I actually can go on with IDEA.… Continue reading Eclipse 5 years later – common formatter quest

IntelliJ IDEA – subscription renewed

It has been over 16 months now since JetBrains presented their IntelliJ IDEA Personal Licensing Changes. The discussion under the post speaks for itself – there was hardly anybody who really liked it. Before you paid 100% when you bought it the first time (not to mention sales they offered ;-)) and 50% anytime you… Continue reading IntelliJ IDEA – subscription renewed

Dear IntelliJ IDEA, I love you, but…

No, no, it’s not that I’m leaving. Where would I go? To that total eclipse of sense? Or should I get some beans or what? No way… I’m with you – in good times and in bad! We’ve been through so much together! Do you remember your version 4? How we all couldn’t understand why… Continue reading Dear IntelliJ IDEA, I love you, but…

From IntelliJ IDEA to Eclipse (5)

It has been some time since I wrote last installment of this series – and much happened in the meantime. IDEA 10.5 was released (with full support of JDK 7) – and the whole beast is again a bit faster and better – though not without bugs. I’ll probably write a dedicated monologue about things… Continue reading From IntelliJ IDEA to Eclipse (5)