Classpath too long… with Spring Boot and Gradle

Java applications get more and more complex and we rely on more libraries than before. But command lines have some length limits and eventually you can get into troubles if your classpath gets too long. There are ways how to dodge the problem for a while – like having your libraries on shorter paths. Neither… Continue reading Classpath too long… with Spring Boot and Gradle

JPA – modularity denied

Here we are for another story about JPA (Java Persistence API) and its problems. But before we start splitting our persistence unit into multiple JARs, let’s see – or rather hear – how much it is denied. I can’t even think about this word normally anymore after I’ve heard the sound. 🙂 Second thing to… Continue reading JPA – modularity denied

Launch4j and embedded web container

Embedded web container is nice. Of course you’ll lose some benefits of a big container, but you’ll get something else. Sometimes it’s faster startup. And sometimes it’s ability to wrap your Java web application into executable. In our system we have multiple modules and most of them are executables on Windows machine (not my preference… Continue reading Launch4j and embedded web container