Jetty hardening

Hardening may be a bit of stretch here, so before you spent your time with the post, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do here: Disable directory browsing (definitely security hole) in the web application context. Disable default Jetty error messages – both in application context and out of it (if you’re not running… Continue reading Jetty hardening

Jetty with self-extracting WAR from Launch4J EXE

In my previous post I was hacking Tomcat and Jetty with Launch4J – Jetty eventually won as it was willing to read JAR as WAR (not so picky about file extension as Tomcat was) and find WEB-INF/web.xml there without problems. Yesterday I decided to go on with my quest and populate temporary WAR directory from my… Continue reading Jetty with self-extracting WAR from Launch4J EXE

Launch4j and embedded web container

Embedded web container is nice. Of course you’ll lose some benefits of a big container, but you’ll get something else. Sometimes it’s faster startup. And sometimes it’s ability to wrap your Java web application into executable. In our system we have multiple modules and most of them are executables on Windows machine (not my preference… Continue reading Launch4j and embedded web container

Starting with Wicket on IntelliJ IDEA

I’ve changed my job recently and went to another company to do more or less the same I did for 10 years (Java based information systems typically delivered through web browser) – but with completely different stack. I did JBoss Seam with JSF/Facelets, later we switched to GWT (still on top of the Seam), previously… Continue reading Starting with Wicket on IntelliJ IDEA