Releasing to Maven Central with Git on Windows

Originally I wanted to write about two problems. I think both were somehow related to interactions between Maven, Git and GPG on my Windows. But because I didn’t document it both on time, things got lost. So this will be only half of the story. Short version? Don’t mix various gpg on your PATH. If… Continue reading Releasing to Maven Central with Git on Windows

Three years with Java Simon (4)

Today I’d like to cover the rest of my Java Simon story. In the previous posts we talked hardly about the start, but the rest was actually quite quick. With Callbacks, JMX support, JDBC proxy driver and much better design we were ready to release our 2.0 version. June 23, 2009, Java Simon 2.0, monitoring… Continue reading Three years with Java Simon (4)

More positive take on Maven

Sometimes I start making notes on some topic and it takes me months (or even over a year!) to finish that particular post. But I should not wait with this one. Situation with my Maven expertise isn’t much better than when I wrote what I wrote the last time. I found some more around the… Continue reading More positive take on Maven

Honestly… I hate Maven

And I don’t give a damn that I don’t know it good enough. Why “good enough” in Maven is so difficult when it was so easy with Ant? I remember how we came from “make” to Ant for our projects. I remember what we tried with Ant. Sometimes we failed when we wanted too much.… Continue reading Honestly… I hate Maven