Buy the box, pay subscriptions…

…but they still might close you the server! 🙂 Ok, not really funny, I know. NCsoft has announced some time ago that its Tabula Rasa sci-fi steam-punk MMORPG is closing servers as of 2009 February. Imagine you have bought the game (in a box) and you’ve paid regular subscription fees and now this. Ok, you’ve… Continue reading Buy the box, pay subscriptions…

PWI: Dungeon called FB19

I did not rush into the cave when I got level 19 quests – partially because there were other exciting things to do (around the big city of Archosaur!) and partially because I knew nothing about dungeons. There is “lovely” quest by Little Daisy where you run around the whole map to heal her flying… Continue reading PWI: Dungeon called FB19

Desperate times with PWI

Today it will be more for people already playing PWI because some of the things described are related only to PWI and not to gaming in general. The more I play PWI and read through forums and various blogs, the more I’m decided that my $50 were the first and the last I invested in… Continue reading Desperate times with PWI

PWI – still online

A lot of things happen since my last PWI post. I found more and more things I hate about the game, however – and that’s the most important thing – I still play it. Thanks to my other friends that bear with me and the game too. If I had to play the game alone… Continue reading PWI – still online

Perfect World reloaded

Since my last post to this day my MMORPG experience has quadrupled – rough estimate. And we’re here again to continue with PWI (sort of) review. The main point is – I’m still with the game like many others. I think I meet more and more people, some killing quests are nearly overcrowded and the… Continue reading Perfect World reloaded

Caught in the Perfect World

I wanted to write about typical game flaws, I wanted to write about Facebook… and god knows what else as well. But I’ve found free MMORPG called Perfect World International instead just a two days ago and that crossed my plans. I’ve tried one free MMORPG before but it was low quality actually. Perfect World… Continue reading Caught in the Perfect World