PWI – your searches 3

It has been some time since I wrote about PWI last time. Today again a few questions from you along with some unrelated pictures. Two Santas and some flying monster. 🙂 Let’s start!

Q: pwi cash shop
Who knows what’s the actual question here. Buy your Zens here (login required of course), transfer them to the server (now they are called gold :-)) and then there is that little sun on the bottom of your minimap. That’s the cash shop where you can spend your gold.

Q: pwi – element fragments
Maybe the search was related to the very boring quest where you need to kill blobs that have little drop rate. Actually you don’t need to kill them, there are much better monsters (but mostly around lvl30) – check this link for more. You can also buy them in cat shop (not cash shop! ;-)) but they are often overpriced. Drop rate was very very bad once, now it’s quite normal.

MetroAionix as Santa

Q: mold mirage sword
Again check PW database. It’s dropped by FB19 bosses, but you have to have a squad without high level characters to have some real chance. Good luck. And yes, it’s really nice weapon for magic chars, I was lucky to get it and I used it until early forties. 🙂

Q: pwi importance of reputation
Difficult to say, I’m still low level to know every aspect of reputation. But I discussed it in this post (search the word) and it’s also discussed on PWI forums.

Flying tortoise… or turtle or what 😉

Q: perfect world international fb19 dungeon boss
See this post. I guess the searcher found what he wanted, I’ll try to ignore FB19 in the future. 😉

Q: pwi best place to grind for wiz
The same Q: pwi wizard grinding spots
The same like for cleric. See this guide, it’s long, but you can find the section about leveling there. Shortly – flying monsters, poisonous is the best +-3 levels. Under the Heaven’s Tear (30-42), above the starting point for new characters (all three, lvl40), above the first quest village after your race’s city (e.g. Hidden Heroes Village, lvl50), above your cities for lvl70… you’ll find it. Search also “flying mobs” in this post.

Q: what can i do to lvl when i have no quests? pwi
Grind! 😉 It’s not a big fun, but it’s not that bad either. Or help other people with their FBs! Grinding is better to get coins though. FBs are better for reputation.

Me as Santa! 😉

Q: how much rep is needed for fb19?
Not needed, the description in the quest is deceiving. Hope I’m not misleading now. 😉 You just need lvl19 and some quests finished (can’t remember now, finish them all :-P).

Q: pwi archosaur
One more Q: map of archosaur perfect world
I was working on a really nice map of Archosaur, but somehow… whatever. Archosaur is actually easy if you don’t go into details. You can divide it into 9 zones (3×3), three of them have gate (north, west, south). In these zones there are always all merchants, tailors, bankers, blacksmith… you got it. Trainers (people teaching skills) are north-east and south-west (that is where the General is too). Elder is in the east (harbor). These are the most important NPCs. West is very very rush district with most of the catshops – so go to do your deals (buy/sell) there.

So that’s it for today. Hope it will help future searchers. Good luck!


PWI – your searches 2

I want to write something about PWI, but I don’t wanna talk about level 50 or Wheel Of Fate now, so I’ll use your searches that got you onto my blog. Not all of them were successful (I don’t know what is “lost and found quest”, maybe later). So here are your questions, my answers and some random pictures!

Young AdriaZirma in overcrowded Archosaur long time ago.

Q: bolden goldwing solo
Looks like Bolden Goldwing questions are popular. Yes, it is possible to solo, but ranged magic characters have advantage here as they better deal with magical damage. Kill two minions first because they go down fast and do a lot of additional damage otherwise. I’m really surprised I made the Goldwing with Adria when she got there for the first time. I used her healing skill because I had some time to heal, but I also drank some potions for sure. I was lucky I didn’t die actually because I didn’t expect such a strong boss. With all this I’m even more surprised that I took the screenshot in the process but it was probably before I nearly died. 🙂

“Die, die and give me the flower… or seed… or whatever… die!”

Q: animal fur drop pwi
Again PW database – and search:
Animal fur is actually no problem, if you say rough fur, that’s something you’ll miss. 😉

Young newbies watching their first sunset in the game. Or is it the dawn?

Q: perfect world(how to get mold wheel of fate)
And as you can see, you need mold for it:
And as you can see, it’s dropped by Hercule Trioc at the very end of Gate of Delirium (FB39):
Long story short… I bought it. 🙂
Short story long: Mold for 2m, maybe less if you’re lucky, maybe more. Don’t buy in the cat-shop if you don’t like the price, call “WTB wheel of fate! pm me!” in Archosaur and someone will probably address you. Wait for the good price. Mold means you have to have an additional material but you can buy it from cat-shops. If you buy the weapon you know the stats (vitality can be 7, I crafted with 6, sockets can be 2, I have one… unlucky). Mold has only one advantage… you have your weapon signed – that is if you can craft it.

My new Wheel Of Fate. Stats could be better but I’m happy anyway.

Q: pwi cleric build
I decided for “Full Attack Cleric” build which is quite an extreme build that is very well described here (get the PDF from the first post). It is very rewarding build because you can deal a lot of damage, heal yourself, heal others as well (although not as good as typical support cleric), it’s good for PvP (reportedly, I don’t do it yet)… my friends archers grins that the cleric is the best archer. 🙂 There are some cons too – otherwise it would be plain boring. You have little HPs which means you have to run or kill fast. I died a lot with the build when something happened too fast. Add a little lag to it and you die very easily. Still – it is great solo build and you still can be helpful – even as a healer.

Have I mentioned overcrowded Archosaur? This is really it! Few months after my first “overcrowded” picture (higher)… there really are much more players than before.

Q: pwi online game
Erm… yeah, you’re on the right page! 🙂 Click “pwi” in the tag cloud on the right side of my blog and you get to all my PWI posts. Enjoy!

We thought we got to the top of the world. And probably saw the backdrop for the first time. Now we know there are much higher mountains of course.

PWI – your searches 1

There is a cool feature on the WordPress – you can see searches users used to get to your articles. It’s funny that most of them is not answered in my articles – or is it the shame? 🙂 I decided to change it in a very short and quick post. This one. But I also decided to designate it with number 1 because I expect that more unfortunate users hit my blog without finding their answers. So what was it this time?

Q: fb19
Ok, this is obviously elaborated in my previous PWI post.

Newbs like these don’t ask about fb19 or molds. I can tell. 😉

Q: pwi is mold one use?
Yes, AFAIK. Mold is dropped from the monster and you can (if you can – that means if you have your manufacturing skill developed enough) create one thing from it. End of story. Of course you can trade that thing, pass it to different character, whatever.

Q: perfect world international flying mobs
Who knows what this user searched for? 🙂 Maybe for fact that flying mobs are great for grinding? They are. They have reportedly less HP, they often attack with poison which is the best attack (if it’s not Dismal Shade ;-)) – especially for casters like wizard/cleric (venomancer has their own tank/pet at least). And if you turn off your flying you can escape any serious situation in a matter of seconds (don’t fall in the midst of agro mobs on the ground though ;-)).

Q: Can I ride the elk wearing only the bikini? A: Sure! Q: Will I be cold? A: I don’t know.

Q: perfect world where do i find the bolden goldwing?
Quick answer:
Long answer: Don’t ask questions like these. Go to PW database, click on the American flag to ensure you’re searching for PWI related stuff and search. It’s really that easy. Maybe the PWDB doesn’t contain everything, but always start there. 😉 These are those rare cases where you should not start with Google (which probably lists the same page too, but not with question so complex). Very, very good alternative – especially for quests – is the “I feel lucky” result for this question: PWI wiki with quest descriptions (search “bolden” on the page, I guess you got it but there are some lazy users, you know ;-)).

Enjoy the game and good luck!