Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New year, of course! My last year was a bit poorer blog-wise. For some reasons I was more lazy to write about things. Heck, sometimes I think that I was less lucky with new technology in overall. I achieved some nice results with testing in our company during the previous year. This year I … Continue reading Happy New Year 2013!

Multi-track home recording for free

I'd like to interconnect my YouTube creations with this blog - so this time we'll be talking about home recording with Audacity. It's by no means Audacity tutorial - I just want to introduce Audacity and also demonstrate its limitations when you wanna enter the realm where acronyms like VST, MIDI and ASIO rule it … Continue reading Multi-track home recording for free

My new home recording… studio?

Whatever... it's cheap, but it's my studio anyway! It's been some time since I've composed my latest song. I'm a man of more hobbies than I can handle, I know. Gamer, programmer and wannabe musician too. (Not to mention I'm a father and husband too. :-)) I can't play well any instrument, but I compose … Continue reading My new home recording… studio?