Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New year, of course! My last year was a bit poorer blog-wise. For some reasons I was more lazy to write about things. Heck, sometimes I think that I was less lucky with new technology in overall. I achieved some nice results with testing in our company during the previous year. This year I… Continue reading Happy New Year 2013!

Multi-track home recording for free

I’d like to interconnect my YouTube creations with this blog – so this time we’ll be talking about home recording with Audacity. It’s by no means Audacity tutorial – I just want to introduce Audacity and also demonstrate its limitations when you wanna enter the realm where acronyms like VST, MIDI and ASIO rule it… Continue reading Multi-track home recording for free

My new home recording… studio?

Whatever… it’s cheap, but it’s my studio anyway! It’s been some time since I’ve composed my latest song. I’m a man of more hobbies than I can handle, I know. Gamer, programmer and wannabe musician too. (Not to mention I’m a father and husband too. :-)) I can’t play well any instrument, but I compose… Continue reading My new home recording… studio?

Musician’s signatures

Musicians have a hard job. Sometimes they steal – I bet it’s mostly without realising so. Imagine you have a music in your head for some time and you don’t know if it’s yours but it suits your purpose so well. There is no Google for music where you can hum a melody and it… Continue reading Musician’s signatures